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V-Taper Chest Workout With Stephen Mass

There is something each and every perfectly-proportioned lifter’s frame should have: that graceful V-taper. Your again and shoulders have masses to do with it, positive, however your chest issues, too! IFBB Body professional Stephen Mass has noticed his fair proportion of bodybuilding competitions, and prefer many professionals in the market, he is aware of the right way to construct a chest that sticks out from each and every attitude.

Even though you are no longer making plans to step onstage, this exercise will allow you to construct mass proper the place you wish to have it by way of concentrated on each and every attitude of your chest. Each and every pair of workout routines goals the chest from a particular attitude the usage of a press and fly aggregate.

Take a look at it this fashion: If it might make a man whose remaining title is Mass really feel the burn, you would higher consider it will be just right for you.

V-Taper Chest Exercise With Stephen Mass



Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

three units, 10-12 reps (complete vary of movement failure at the remaining set)

three units, 10-12 reps (complete vary of movement failure at the remaining set)


three units, 10-12 reps (, alternating gentle, medium, heavy, medium, gentle two occasions)

Method Keys

Incline Dumbbell Press With Incline Dumbbell Fly

You’ll be able to get started with an incline superset to concentrate on the higher chest. Keep in reasonable rep vary of Eight-12 reps consistent with set, constructing your approach up, which means you are no longer hitting failure till the remaining set. After every set of presses, pass directly into the flyes.

“What I care to do occasionally at the incline flyes is to rise up so the highest of my chest is principally in step with the highest of the bench,” says Mass. “I roughly dangle my head again and I in point of fact attempt to center of attention proper alongside that higher portion of the chest. That is going to accessory that V-taper glance that we are going for.”

Incline Dumbbell Fly

This superset burns like loopy, and you can in point of fact really feel the stretch around the higher chest. Running the higher pecs is set developing that shelf close to the collarbone, and it might take some apply to get it proper.

“I play with the diversities,” Mass provides. “One who I in point of fact care to do is grasp [the weight] at a few 45-degree attitude with the palms.”

You are the usage of dumbbells, no longer a device, so you are no longer going to get constant resistance all of the strategy to the very most sensible of the motion. Mass makes use of his 45-degree grip to construct a more potent mind-muscle connection and in point of fact flex it out on the most sensible. Simply in point of fact take a look at to concentrate on each and every rep, flex on the most sensible, and do not let the dumbbells contact.

Leverage Chest Press With %-Deck

The leverage or hammer press provides a more secure selection to the normal barbell flat bench for intense, high-volume coaching. Because you shouldn’t have to fret about stabilizing a barbell or losing dumbbells, you’ll be able to in point of fact stretch out on either one of those workout routines and push your limits.

This superset goals the center of the chest, operating the wider, fan-shaped percent main muscle mass. You are for sure going to really feel it operating the bigger a part of the muscle.

“As a result of we are supersetting, we are getting a little bit further build-up of lactic acid within the muscle mass,” explains Mass. “It’ll burn a bit of extra, and you are pushing previous that barrier of simply doing a directly set and resting.”

Leverage Chest Press

On this superset, you are doing a compound motion first—nearly to failure—and once more pass proper into an isolation motion. This overloads the muscle mass, developing microtears and filling it up with the blood it must develop.

Push your self to failure at the remaining superset, doing extra of a managed failure at the p.c-deck, as a result of it’s an isolation motion and you do not need to injure your pecs.

Decline Dumbbell Press With Cable Move-Over

For the overall superset, you are doing decline bench press and high-to-low cable flyes, operating at the decrease portion of the percent and the insertion level.

When operating the decrease pecs, shape is important. You should stay your chest up and shoulders retracted to verify your pecs do the paintings and no longer the supporting muscle teams, particularly at the cable fly, the place it is very tempting to swing your frame. Stay your actions gradual and regulated, and paintings as much as failure at the ultimate set.

Decline Dumbbell Press with Cable Cross-Over

After doing an incline superset, a flat superset, and a decline superset, now we have attacked all of the pectoral muscle, leaving a pleasing, complete chest, and accenting that V-taper we are going for. Failure, complete vary of movement, fatigue—now we have given the chest the whole lot it must develop, from each and every attitude.

Bonus Set: Lateral Elevate Pyramid

Bear in mind, the function of this exercise is to form that V-taper, so you’ll end off the chest day with a few pyramid units of lateral raises. The 2 units we are doing for shoulders is in point of fact five units in a single. Carry out 10 reps with a mild weight, 10 reps with medium, 10 with heavy, go into reverse to medium, go into reverse to gentle. Undergo this up-down pyramid two times, and you are performed!

Lateral Raise Pyramid

For extra chest-building concepts and techniques to construct your very best body, ensure that to take a look at the exercise plans on Bodybuilding.com All Get admission to.

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