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Training Observations: Every Rep Is a Chance to Learn

For this newsletter, I wish to dive into a couple of coaching observations I’ve made in my contemporary apply. In all probability very similar to Deep Ideas by means of Jack Handey.

“In case you are being chased by means of an offended bull, and then you definately understand you’re additionally being chased by means of a swarm of bees, it doesn’t in reality trade issues. Simply stay on operating.”

However much less funny—perhaps.

After fifteen years of swinging kettlebells, I’m nonetheless finding out. And as professor and bodily schooling professional Dr. Ed Thomas stated, “I by no means went to the gymnasium to determine. I went to be told and the ‘exercise’ was once incidental.”

Each and every rep is an opportunity to be told—that is the idea that has not too long ago percolated for me.

Training Observations: Every Rep Is a Chance to Learn

The Distinction Between the Reps

Considered one of my favourite coaching periods these days is Energy Aerobics. Extra on what this is and the way I stay it fascinating later, however for now the “factor” I’ve noticed maximum in the usage of Energy Aerobics is the “distinction between the reps.” This ties into one thing referred to as motion variability.

From Feldenkrais skilled and creator Todd Hargrove’s weblog:

“The power to make small changes to a fundamental repetitive development like middle price, mind waves, power use and motion appears to be a just right indicator of well being and serve as. Mavens who carry out the similar repetitive process (say hammering a nail) show extra variability than beginners…”


“Excellent motion is not only about harmonious interplay or coordination between the other portions of the frame. It’s maximum basically about how the gadget interacts with the surroundings, specifically in accordance with sudden adjustments. In different phrases, just right motion implies a top quality of adaptability and responsiveness to a converting surroundings.”

What I to find in doing Energy Aerobics, or lots of my different periods, is a distinction between the reps. One blank of the kettlebell will land “simply so.” After which subsequent will land “simply now not so.” This creates small diversifications within the angles and heart of mass of the kettlebell for the click to observe.

One swing will pop and drift to a undeniable degree with a tug on my callouses because of being ever so reasonably out of sync on that rep, whilst the following rep is completely in sync. One get-up will really feel completely aligned and the following rep I’ve to profit from a pause to search out the alignment.

Motion variability and the adaptation between the reps is not just to be anticipated this can be a just right factor.

Swings Do Now not Equivalent Snatches

Whilst the swing is the middle of our universe, it does now not equivalent snatches.

Training Observations

(I’ll provide you with a second to get better.)

The place would I get a hold of such heresy? Smartly, in doing swings and snatches.

When I’m doing a easy consultation like “each minute at the minute” paintings, I wish to be doing one-arm swings with a 40kg or 44kg to get the similar “price” or affect as doing snatches with a 32kg. The variation within the general distance lined, horizontal as opposed to vertical forces, eccentric lots when bringing the kettlebell down from overhead, and respiring create an overly other “price” between snatches and swings.

Be aware: Brandon Hetzler has written about this distinction in distance traveled in his article “A Lengthy Approach to Press.” And he will even have some pressure plate data so as to add right here.

This isn’t a this-or-that dialog. It’s merely a reminder that swings and snatches belong in a program. Get some great benefits of each. As I famous in every other of my articles, heavy swings and lighter snatches could be the candy spot.

Linear or Exponential

A programming statement is that including a repetition to a collection or collection isn’t essentially a linear build up, however can in reality create an exponential build up.

The Richter Scale, which measures earthquake depth, is a superb foil right here:

“Each and every quantity build up at the Richter scale signifies an depth ten instances more potent. As an example, an earthquake of magnitude 6 is ten instances more potent than an earthquake of magnitude five. An earthquake of magnitude 7 is 10 x 10 = 100 instances robust than an earthquake of magnitude five. An earthquake of magnitude Eight is 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 instances more potent than an earthquake of magnitude five.”

Going from a five to a 6 at the Richter Scale represents an exponential build up, now not a easy linear build up. And including one rep to a few units or sequences creates that very same exponential build up.

As an example, when I’m doing five reps each 30 seconds for five mins and I upload one rep to get to six reps each 30 seconds, the affect is exponential now not linear. After I upload one rep to the standard three rep collection of Energy Aerobics, I am getting the similar exponential build up.

What do I imply by means of exponential affect? Middle price build up, respiring build up, and greater want for relaxation to call a couple of issues, and likewise greater restoration time wanted earlier than the following consultation.

You’re going to all to find your personal linear as opposed to exponential build up line, however the level is that when you find yourself programming for your self or a pupil, you want to remember the following rep you upload could be an exponential build up now not a linear one.

Training Observations: Every Rep Is a Chance to Learn

Track and Excitation

There was numerous analysis on song and workout efficiency. Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., is likely one of the international’s main government on song and workout. “Track is like is a criminal drug for athletes,” he has stated. “It could actually scale back the belief of effort considerably and build up staying power by means of up to fifteen %.”

There are those that can’t teach with out their song. It’s not that i am a type of other folks. Silence is ok with me or even probably the most “relax” song on the planet may also be simply effective for a consultation. I suppose I’m somewhat of an oddity—however we roughly knew that already. The purpose is that the connection between song and coaching is extremely particular person.

However most likely the rationale song turns into vital to a few is the extent of excitation they understand they want for a coaching consultation, like perhaps a heavy squat day. To get “offended” or “within the zone,” they want their song to be loud and offended to get the excitation pumping.

Smartly, I’m Irish and, for me, offended isn’t greater than a 2nd away, however like Bruce Banner within the Avengers, I have a look at it as a just right factor. Or you’ll have a look at it like Stallone in Over the Most sensible, the place the easy turning round of the ball cap flipped his transfer to excitation.

Training Observations

In coaching, powerlifting professional Louie Simmons advises to method “max effort” days without a excitation, no psyching up, as a result of you need to save lots of the adrenaline and excitation for when it issues in pageant—and when it is going to provide you with a bump. If the one manner you’ll elevate is to “get offended” and you might be burning your nitrous oxide (to make use of a automobile analogy) simply to get out of the driveway, then you might be lacking out at the “zone,” which Professor X suggested Magneto, “lies someplace between rage and serenity.”

Drop the anger and excitation and to find the purpose between the place you increase your on-demand power.

Energy Aerobics

A great easy exercise, Energy Aerobics is good in my thoughts. However easy does now not equivalent simple, and easy doesn’t at all times need to be the similar. The unique exercise was once a easy kettlebell exercise of fresh, plus army press, plus squat, then set down the kettlebell and shake it off earlier than repeating at the different facet, the entire whilst protecting your middle price and respiring for your cardio zone. (That’s 180 minus your age for the Maffertone enthusiasts.)

That’s it.

I’ve constructed fairly a couple of diversifications in this theme that experience made Energy Aerobics a go-to programming selection for me.

As an example, even simply sticking with the vintage blank + army press + squat structure, you’ll do:

  • One kettlebell
  • Two kettlebell
  • Weight ladder with one kettlebell
  • Alternating units with other weights with two kettlebells

You’ll be able to additionally manipulate the remaining sessions. Appearing a collection each 30 seconds or resting a complete 30 or extra seconds between units can practice to any variation of the exercise.

You’ll be able to additionally ladder the reps with one of the crucial workout routines and alter relaxation between units as wanted:

  • Blank x 1, Army Press x 1, Entrance Squat x 1
  • Blank x 2, Army Press x 1, Entrance Squat x 1
  • Blank x three, Army Press x 1, Entrance Squat x 1
  • Blank x 1, Army Press x 2, Entrance Squat x 1
  • Blank x 1, Army Press x three, Entrance Squat x 1
  • Blank x 1, Army Press x 1, Entrance Squat x 2

And so forth…

You’ll be able to additionally upload a ballistic to the tip, making it blank, army press, squat, clutch. After which do it with one kettlebell, or two kettlebell, or—you get the image.

Listed here are two contemporary examples from my coaching:

From 10/three/2017

Prep: foam curler and GFM (Flooring Drive Way)
24kg Get-up + x 1+1
24kg Get-up x five+five

Energy Aerobics—Alternating units of:
Double 24kg (Blank + Army Press + Squat + Clutch)
Double 32kg (Blank + Army Press + Squat)
X 30 units general (15 of every)
10 seconds on and 30 seconds relaxation


From nine/28/2017

Prep: foam curler and GFM
24 kg Get-up + x 1+1
36 kg Get-up x 1+1 x three

36 kg Energy Aerobics—10 seconds on/30 seconds off:
(Blank + Press + Entrance Squat) R + L
Then alternating R then L units of:
(Blank + Press x 2 + Entrance Squat) x 16 units
(Blank + Press + Entrance Squat + Clutch) x 16 units
General of 34 units


Be aware: Having four reps according to set of Energy Aerobics isn’t a linear build up, no less than for me. The closing 6-Eight units have been a problem.

Are instances the place I’m driven out of my cardio zone? Sure. However my same old Energy Aerobics consultation has turn into:

  • 36kg (Blank + Army Press + Squat) x 30 units
  • 10 seconds paintings with 30 seconds relaxation

And that’s very a lot a 70% effort day.

Conclusion: My Coaching Observations

So, there you’ve gotten it. My contemporary coaching observations on the whole thing from motion variability to song and anger. (With a number of film quotations.) Stay us posted on your coaching observations at the StrongFirst discussion board.

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