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Total-Body Transformation Circuit

Workforce Bodybuilding.com athlete Brandan Fokken has loved a novel health adventure, and now he is distilled a few of his wisdom and experience right into a unmarried total-body transformation exercise.

This full-body exercise starts with single-joint actions for the legs and arms, and ends with multijoint actions and dealing your entire core.

“I desire warming smaller muscle teams up prior to transferring on to larger actions,” explains Fokken.

Entire every workout on this full-body circuit with out resting till you entire the remaining transfer. Relaxation 1-2 mins, after which do the circuit once more. Your function is to finish 3 such rounds. All instructed, this exercise must take an hour to finish.

Let’s get began!

Method Pointers

EZ-Bar Curl

The EZ-bar is designed to stay your wrists in a extra herbal attitude whilst curling. Make a selection a weight that you’ll use for each the curls and the skullcrushers, shrinking the transition time between the 2 strikes.

EZ Bar Curl

For the curls, get started along with your ft planted shoulder-width aside. Stay your elbows tucked and provides the ones biceps a just right squeeze on the best. Decrease the bar below keep watch over.

EZ-Bar Skullcrusher

When you end the curls, lie for your again on a bench with the EZ-bar, transferring your fingers rather nearer in combination in an overhand grip. To focus on your triceps, stay your higher hands locked in a single place so the one motion is the hinge at your elbow. This prevents your shoulders or chest from taking up.

“Stay your elbows in as you decrease the burden again,” says Fokken. “You should definitely do not hit your self within the face with the bar prior to extending your hands and urgent the bar again up.”

If vital, use a spotter.

Leg Curl

After hitting the front and back of your hands, it is time to do the similar for your legs. Stay your ft in step with your knees, and your ankles in dorsiflexion.

Leg Extension

Leg Extension

As with the leg curl, stay your knees and ft in line and your ankles in dorsiflexion. Pause on the best of every rep, squeezing your quads for a contraction.


As Fokken explains, do not bargain push-u.s.a. too fundamental, as a result of they’re an excellent chest-builder. Right kind shape way placing your ft in combination, retaining your again instantly, and your core tight.

On every rep, cross the entire method right down to the place you both contact your nostril or your chest to the ground, then lengthen your elbows to upward push again up.


“On the best of the push-up, remember to’re squeezing your chest,” recommends Fokken. “Then get proper back off and repeat.”

Status Arnold Press

Clutch a couple of dumbbells and cross proper into the Arnold press. The rotational motion on this workout way you are going to turn on extra muscle fibers within the shoulders and higher chest than you possibly can with a regular shoulder press.

“You are truly going to really feel this workout from the chest into the shoulder,” says Fokken. “That is why it is nice to do proper after the push-up.”

Seated Lateral Elevate

Fokken recommends sitting somewhat than status for the lateral elevate. “Sitting takes the decrease a part of your physique out of the equation,” he explains. Swinging or the use of lower-body momentum takes the emphasis off your shoulders.

Seated Lateral Raise

You’ll be able to rather bend your elbows whilst you elevate the dumbbells, however steer clear of a complete bend within the hands.

“Persist with just right shape,” urges Fokken. “You are going to get significantly better building to your shoulder whilst you do.”

T-Bar Row

As Fokken demonstrates within the accompanying video, if you happen to do not need a T-bar, you’ll create your individual with a bar, plates, and a pull-back manage.

“The nearer grip hits extra of the mid-back versus the outer again,” Fokken explains.

You’ll be able to additionally use the D-handle attachment out of your seated row, and the lat pull-down bar works if you are looking to get a much wider grip. Whichever attachment you select, place it towards the threshold, or sleeve, so it does not slip as you row.

Seated Lat Pull-Down

Sticking with the again, transfer immediately to the seated lat pull-down. Fokken recommends going as large as you most likely can at the hand grip, switching center of attention from the mid-back for your outer lats.

Be certain that your again is rather arched and that you are pulling again into your lats.

“A large number of instances you can see other folks leaning again and swinging with this workout,” says Fokken. “Do not do this. Stay your again rather arched, lock it up, pull down and squeeze, and repeat.”

Striking Leg Elevate

The general workout of the circuit is the striking leg elevate.

“That is one among my favourite ab workouts,” says Fokken. “Now not most effective are you focused on decrease abs, however you are hitting your core as an entire.”

Hanging Leg Raise

Stabilize your core as you elevate your legs. Do not swing from side to side. In case your core isn’t robust sufficient to boost your legs, bend your knees and tuck them for your chest as a substitute.

Relaxation and Repeat

If you are no longer attending to the health club very ceaselessly, do that exercise 2-Three times every week. However in case you are a health club common, Fokken recommends doing this total-body transformation as soon as every week or each and every different week.

For extra full-body exercise concepts, or for a whole record of complete systems, discuss with our exercise plans web page.

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