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The Ultimate Summer Booty Workout

IFBB Bikini professional Caryn Nicole Paolini stocks her brutal summer season booty exercise together with her highest good friend, Canadian Bikini professional and authorized private teacher Randi Kennedy—as a result of, what else do highest pals do?

Co-creators of Her Have compatibility Camp, whose project is to offer an uplifting, sure, and empowering setting for girls, those girls know precisely how that can assist you goal your glutes so they are able to glance nice onstage—or simply chilling by way of the pool.



three units, 15 reps in step with leg (sideways)



Dumbbell Mendacity Hamstring Curl

three units, 15 reps


Hyperextensions (Again Extensions)

three units, 15 reps

Methodology Guidelines

Lunge Leap

Lunge Jump

Aka the scissor leap, this workout objectives each and every muscle on your legs. To succeed in extra glute activation, drop right into a low lunge on each and every leap, and explode up out of your heel, extending throughout the hip as you turn legs prior to touchdown at the reverse aspect.

Land softly on each and every rep to offer protection to your joints, and ensure your entrance knee remains over your ankle—do not let it pass previous your feet. Use your fingers to assist or, for an additional problem, check out protecting a mild drugs ball in your chest and the usage of best your legs.

Unmarried-Leg Press

Single-Leg Press

To focus on the aspect of your booty—aka the gluteus medius—flip to the aspect for this transfer. From this place, put your most sensible foot at the platform, feet grew to become reasonably up. Press thru your heel and prolong during the hip to focus on your glutes.

Otherwise to consider this workout is like you might be doing a single-leg sumo squat. In case your leg press would possibly not let you with ease flip to the aspect, sit down within the seat and put one leg up, flip your feet out, and press the load up such as you typically would with each legs.

Pop Squat on Leg Press

Pop Squat on Leg Press

That is mainly a wide-stance leap squat, however the usage of the leg press gadget permits you to keep an eye on the motion and higher goal your glutes. Position your toes reasonably wider than shoulder width, and decrease your self down till you are feeling a stretch within the glutes.

Press thru your heels as you come back up and “pop” off the platform by way of extending thru your hips and squeezing your glutes. Land softly to offer protection to your knees, and go back to the beginning place.

Dumbbell Mendacity Hamstring Curl

Dumbbell Lying Hamstring Curl

It is a nice workout to do with a spouse who assist you to get into place. Lie face-down on a bench along with your knees placing off the tip. Have your spouse position a dumbbell between your toes.

Lengthen thru your hips and squeeze your glutes as you curl the dumbbell towards your frame the usage of your hamstrings. For an additional booty burn, attempt to carry the load immediately up towards the ceiling as you curl the load, squeezing your glutes and urgent your hips into the bench as you achieve this.



Hip hinges goal the glutes, and hyperextensions are a very easy solution to hinge successfully without having to raise numerous weight. In case your gymnasium does no longer have a glute-ham lift gadget or Roman chair, use a balance ball and wedge your toes towards a wall or underneath a gadget.

Stay your again immediately as you hinge out of your hips, no longer your decrease again. You can know you might be appearing this motion accurately if you are feeling the stretch on your hamstrings. Press thru your heels and squeeze your glutes to come back again up.

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