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The New CrossFit Games – What About the Dottirs?

Something we all know concerning the new CrossFit Video games restructuring is that we all know little or no.

There was a unmarried article posted in The Morning Chalk Up that quotes Greg Glassman and gifts his new imaginative and prescient for a way the Video games might be structured henceforth.


It’s now not transparent when the dialog happened, to whom it used to be equipped, and rather then “Glassman mentioned in a choice previous lately,” we don’t know if that is authentic coverage, 2019 rulebook legislation, or Glassman’s off-the-cuff remarks in an interview that used to be meant to be about different issues.


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We’ve now not heard from Dave Castro, and as of this writing, his Instagram account seems to be offline. There’s been no authentic commentary from the CrossFit Video games, no point out of it at the CrossFit web site, not anything.


So truly, the huge buzz this is floating about at the more than a few social media channels is – at this second in time – a lot ado about not anything. Calm down everyone!


Let’s Consider

For the sake of debate, on the other hand, let’s think that the main points of the object are necessarily right kind. Let’s believe the Open and the Video games might be ostensibly the similar.


  • CrossFit Invitational – That is being close down. No person cares about this. That is good enough information.
  • Regionals –  Long past. Extra about this later.
  • Open – Right here’s the place it will get dicey.  


It sounds as if, each nation who has an associate will crown “Fittest In Nation.” Whoever is the fittest in any given nation after the Five-week Open will cross to the Crossfit Video games.


Let that sink in other people. After a Five-week on-line qualifier, each nation could have a fittest female and male, and the ones other folks gets a call for participation to the Video games. In this day and age, CrossFit has associates in more or less 162 nations.  What this implies is that once the Open, 324 other folks, one male and one feminine from every nation, gets an invitation to the CrossFit Video games?


This type is rife with holes. First off, the CrossFit Video games purports to need to to find the fittest individual on earth. As such, it kind of feels important to have a steadily narrowing funnel – brackets if you’re going to – during which every successive bankruptcy of occasions narrows the sector.  


The Open/Regionals/Video games procedure has executed that moderately neatly – as is evidenced by way of the moderately equivalent best 10 men and women who’ve completed at video games point up to now 3 years. Slim it to 1 in keeping with nation, on the other hand – now you’ve gotten one Dottir, both Toomey or Saunders however now not each, however greater than that – there may be one associate within the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


So the US goes to ship one male and one feminine to the Video games, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is, as neatly. There’s a unmarried associate there. So will the associate’s coaches be the CrossFit Video games representatives?



I am getting that this has extra of an Olympics more or less taste to it, however the Olympics isn’t in the hunt for to crown the fittest on earth. If the program is initiated, there might be quite a bit, and I imply quite a bit, of CrossFit video games athletes who couldn’t even win a neighborhood pageant in Cincinnati, Ohio, let by myself a regional pageant.


What About Tonga?

The principle factor right here is just the knowledge issues being examined.  You’ll be able to’t have a conclusive consequence with out repeated exams of the knowledge. The Open within the Congo with one associate is a unmarried information level this is now going to be given the similar weight as the knowledge popping out of america the place there are millions of associates, and the effects will rumors the similar. Unhealthy thought.


Consequently, the knowledge might be skewed moving into. The pool might be polluted if the pattern sizes are too small to supply significant information.  


However a lot worse would be the dishonest. We all know that bro-reps and long-shot video angles may also be pervasive within the Open, however heretofore, the ones dangerous reps best were given you over a bubble and any embarrassing weaknesses the place uncovered at regionals. If it manner a video games berth, forget-about-it.


And, since CFHQ of their endless knowledge passed Brooke Wells a mulligan on her handstand push-up video, how the heck are they going to start out protecting winners to straightforward now that they have got set the bar at “capability to do paintings” as an alternative of “exact paintings carried out?” And if you happen to assume it’s now not imaginable to sport HSPU strains, digicam angles, enhancing, filtering and a lot more, you’re improper.


Along with that, the query then must be requested:

  • What number of athletes at the moment are going to relocate to get their shot on the video games? 
  • Is the 4th-fittest Dottir in Iceland now going to transport to Samoa? (Or is that a part of america? Do we all know but?)
  • Which one of the most Smith brothers get to stick in america?
  • Why can’t Pat Vellner catch a wreck?
  • And the place will the dancers cross subsequent??


The Open will happen in February, consistent with the scoop, for the 2019 Video games, then repeat in October. Which ends up in:



From the sound of it, Regionals are long gone. Of their position, CrossFit will successfully co-opt 16 of the sector’s main practical health competitions like Wodapalooza, The Granite Video games, and probably the most different large competitions that experience remained in position.


Ironic, in some way, as a result of CFHQ has adamantly disavowed those competitions somewhat heartily for years – “Don’t name them CrossFit competitions. CrossFit has not anything to do with the OC Throwdown.” – now it’s set to offer oversight, staffing and extra in order that the winners of those competitions too can get an invitation.


In different phrases – did you leave out the ladies’s best Open spot by way of two issues in Albania? No drawback! Check in for Wodapalooza, win that, and also you get to visit the video games. There’s your regional pageant.


Alternatively, it’s unsure that each one of those competitions could have the similar structure – some two days, some 3, some barbell heavy, some gymnastics heavy. Some aerobic centered, others ability centered.  


Oy. Speak about your information issues being skewed. Now you’ve gotten a CrossFit Sport made up of athletes who’ve all taken other exams. That’s all neatly and excellent, however once more, it pollutes your pool and necessarily renders the identify “Fittest on Earth” somewhat flat.


Apparently as despite the fact that the alternatives will nonetheless be ample, however the worth of the Video games-level competition is also diluted.


I Get It.

I perceive the place CFHQ is coming from in this. I do know they need to focal point on well being, now not the .01% that makes up the CrossFit Video games athlete pool. However I hate to damage it to them – the explanation they have got the outrageous expansion is because of the video games. I used to be there when it used to be a storage, underground, cultish program, and I watched because the video games transitioned from the Aromas to The Stub Hub middle – as ESPN picked it up, because the media grew extra savvy, because the prize cash raised, because the manufacturing grew, with no sign of ending. I will be able to guarantee you that the explosion in expansion of comrades is at once correlated to the recognition and related advertising and marketing advantage of the Video games.


Everyone sought after to be like them. So CFHQ will have to a minimum of gauge the heart beat of what has fed its explosive expansion and provides credit score the place credit score is due. Whilst I needless to say Greg Glassman needs to remedy illness and unwell well being, he has his huge platform partly as a result of Dave Castro delivers a hell of a display.  


The Video games might lose cash – true – however we name loss-leader in trade.


Does This Take the Gloss Off?

In some way, up so far, if you happen to earned your technique to the CrossFit Video games via a grueling yr of coaching, striking your self via hell within the Open, touring to Regionals, getting at the podium, and making it to the Video games, you had been a part of an elite magnificence of athletes. You earned it. You had been the 1%. That had worth.


Now, if you happen to display up on the Video games and also you’re among some man from Bavaria the place an associate simply opened who’re sending their two very best athletes who simply realized kipping pull-ups. Can this be actual? I will be able to’t consider that is the way it’s going to be, however it seems that so. If that’s the case, is it truly that thrilling anymore?


Do you wish to have to qualify for the video games by way of successful the Wodapalooza? I don’t know. It kind of feels…less expensive.     


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