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The High-Volume Triceps-Builder Your Arms Need

Serve as regularly overrides shape in the case of triceps. For lots of fitness center goers, so long as they may be able to bench, dip, and push-up, who cares how the ones horseshoes glance, proper? That is the flawed strategy to take, says IFBB body professional Brandan Fokken.

“Triceps was a lagging level on me,” Fokken explains. “They had been giant, however they’d no form or definition. So I modified my exercise development and I began to do extra quantity, extra angles, and better reps.”

In case you are in a position to spherical out your hands and put the crowning glory on a competition-worthy body, this exercise is for you. You can do six triceps-only workouts for four units of 10-15 reps each and every. It must take you about 30-45 mins to finish the exercise, taking about 30-60 seconds of leisure between each and every set. Let’s get began!

Brandan Fokken’s Top-Quantity Triceps Exercise

Method Keys

Unmarried-Arm Cable Pass-Frame Extension

Cables are nice for running the triceps as a result of you’ll be able to set them at any stage to hit other angles within the muscle.

“The explanation I really like initially this workout is it places consistent pressure at the muscle tissues,” provides Fokken. “And it is a nice warm-up for this exercise.”


Be sure that while you lengthen out you are squeezing all of the approach into your triceps. In this and plenty of triceps workouts, you need to stay your shoulder locked so you are no longer the usage of it or your again to lend a hand do the motion. No wish to push critical weight on those!

Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Shape is necessary in this one since you’re pulling the load in the back of your head and in the back of your neck, the place your shoulder mobility—or lack thereof—can pose issues. So be sure to’ve were given the shape dialed in, and chase time underneath pressure greater than heavy weight.


Sitting on a bench, be sure to have your toes planted, your again instantly, and your core locked in tight. While you lengthen, stay your elbows tucked in and press the load all of the approach as much as the highest.

“You wish to have to get a just right squeeze on the best prior to you convey the load down,” says Fokken.

Unmarried-Arm Cable Extension

Fokken recommends a reverse-grip for this extension, so you will want to use a care for with sufficient motion in it to mean you can carry out the motion with no need to modify your grip.

In an already extremely specialised exercise, Fokken takes his triceps-isolation a step additional by way of appearing this workout one arm at time.

“I really like doing single-arm as a result of numerous instances, one arm is more potent than the opposite arm, so splitting the hands up is helping,” he explains. “That is why I do numerous single-arm workouts on this exercise.”


Be sure that your elbow is tucked in and you are doing all of the paintings along with your triceps. Once more, stay your shoulder locked and keep away from swinging—pass instantly down, get a just right contraction on the backside, keep watch over the load again up slowly, and repeat.

Assisted Dip Push-Down

That is a type of bizarre fitness center hacks you will not see numerous other people doing, however that grew from Fokken’s years of great coaching.

“I think like if you are the usage of the similar stimuli always, your frame will get used to it,” says Fokken. “That is why I urge other people to check out numerous various things—other units, other reps, and other machines.”


It is simple to simply pass during the motions in this workout, so be sure to’re feeling it for your triceps. Don’t let your chest take over. Stay your frame again, your elbows out, and squeeze the pad down by way of attractive your triceps. In case you are no longer feeling it within the triceps, check out transferring your elbows in or out till you are feeling it the place you must.

Overhead Rope Extension

Set the pulley low so you’ll be able to lengthen the rope up from in the back of your head. In case you’ve by no means performed overhead extensions like this prior to, it could possibly really feel somewhat awkward in the beginning. In keeping with Fokken, that is customary.


“This is not an workout that I do so much, as a result of I do not like pulling issues from in the back of my head,” he explains. “However as I mentioned prior to, other stimuli come up with other effects.”

With this workout, be sure to’ve were given your toes planted and your again instantly. Stay your elbows in as you lengthen up and be sure to’re squeezing on the best. Get a just right contraction within the triceps, then let it again slowly, and repeat.

Bench Dip

End of your triceps with four units of dips to failure. It is your final workout, so do not be afraid to step it up somewhat bit. Put your toes up on a bench or put a weight to your waist—no matter it takes to actually push your self to failure.

“Failure to it’s worthwhile to be 10 reps, it might be 15 reps, and even 30,” says Fokken. “You should definitely’re pushing your self. Stay your elbows tucked in to care for correct shape, and simply push via.”

Now that you’ve got completed all six workouts, you have hit your triceps from each and every attitude imaginable. Fokken recommends doing this exercise weekly by itself, or pairing it with one thing like his Best possible Chest Exercise.

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