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The All-Gain, No-Pain Shoulder Workout

Each and every lifter is aware of the shoulder is one joint you should not mess with. For plenty of athletes, together with MusclePharm-sponsored athlete and Bodybuilding.com spokesmodel finalist Tyler Holt, shoulder surgical procedure does not simply gradual your development—it utterly adjustments the way in which you raise.

“Again in 2013 I had a shoulder surgical procedure,” explains Holt. “Ever since then, I have been discovering tactics to totally tax the shoulders and nonetheless put dimension on with out the tension of lifting heavy weight.”

To stay his shoulders injury-free, Holt makes use of quite a few other approaches—from banded resistance to back-to-back supersets—to construct dimension and energy with out the usage of heavy weight.

This exercise is intense, however must take handiest 40-50 mins to finish. It is a nice shoulder regimen that does not tension your shoulders with heavy weight, making it an excellent addition to any cut up. Let’s get began!

Tyler Holt’s Shoulder Exercise


five units, 20, 15, 12, 10, Eight reps



Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row

three units, 12 reps

Facet Lateral Carry

Carry out leaning

three units, 12 reps

Method Guidelines

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Center of attention on a managed vary of movement via pausing slightly under 90 levels on the backside of the motion and finishing simply sooner than elbow lockout on the most sensible.

You’ll be able to whole five overall units, beginning at 20 reps, then losing to 15, then 12, 10, and in spite of everything, Eight. Paintings your approach up in weight each and every set, however, as Holt explains, that does not imply you will have to move tremendous heavy.

“Center of attention on excellent vary of movement and excellent keep an eye on of the burden,” he urges. “Simply building up a excellent warm-up at the shoulders.”

Massive Set: Arnold Press, Facet Carry, and Rear Delt Fly

“The primary time I got here up with this set, I felt a burn in my shoulders that I have by no means felt sooner than, regardless of how heavy I went,” says Holt. “It was once incredible!”

The primary workout is a band-assisted Arnold press the usage of mild dumbbells. Use a heavy dumbbell or the leg of a bench to anchor your bands. Entire 10 reps of each and every workout. You’ll be able to use the similar setup for all 3 workouts: Connect handles to each and every facet of the band, then loop them round your wrists so you’ll simply seize other weights for each and every workout. This is helping you take care of the banded resistance for all of the set.

Arnold Press

After your Arnolds, move proper right into a band-resisted facet carry. Holt has an additional trick up his sleeve for extra shoulder activation.

“You’ll be able to realize within the video that after I am getting to the highest of the carry, I do a slight pump again,” he explains. “That is simply to get some rear delt activation in the similar motion.”

The 3rd workout is a rear delt fly with the bands, minus the dumbbells. Leisure after the 3rd workout, and whole 3 overall rounds.

Superset: Leaning Dumbbell Upright Row and Leaning Facet Carry

End this shoulder blast with a superset. Leaning out is helping hit the shoulder at a special attitude. Dangle onto a gadget and lean out at an attitude, acting each and every workout again to again in a superset to tire your shoulders with out expanding the burden.

Lateral Raise

“This superset is helping you finish the shoulder exercise with a truly excellent burn,” explains Holt. “Whilst one arm is resting, the opposite arm is doing the paintings. Going backward and forward and truly taxing the ones shoulders to burn them out.”

Through the tip of this exercise, you’ll have a pump like you might have by no means felt sooner than. As Holt describes it: “From entrance to again, you must be feeling it. There should not be any approach you’ll leisure your arm to get that burn from your shoulder.”

It is a nice exercise to put into effect into your cut up once or more every week—two times every week if you are truly looking to develop your shoulders. Paintings in this for 6-Eight weeks and notice how your shoulders reply. Holt is assured you can realize a distinction.

“I feel you might be truly going to get a perfect consequence out of this exercise,” he says.

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