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Shoulder Workout Without Weights

An ideal 15-minute arm exercise that you’ll be able to do at domestic with 0 apparatus required. No dumbbells, no weights, and no resistance bands wanted for those arm-toning workout routines. Tone and sculpt your fingers very quickly with this exercise.

Tank top shoulders at home with this 20-minute workout! No-equipment arm workout from Tone-and-Tighten.com

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At-House Arm Exercise With out Weights

  1. Overhead Claps – a shocking burner for the deltoids and shoulders.
  2. Pike Push Up – the at-home model of the army press.
  3. Top Plank – paintings the shoulders and triceps with this difficult isometric.
  4. Swimmers – nice for the posterior deltoid and triceps.
  5. Undergo Move slowly – weight-bearing and dynamic; a really perfect at-home arm/core workout.
  6. Frame Noticed – works a ton of core and a ton of shoulders multi functional workout.

Stay studying beneath for complete description of this exercise and those workout routines.


Do you wish to have leaner, more potent fingers with fantastic arm definition and attractive muscle?

Nowadays we’re sculpting the deltoids (shoulders) triceps, and biceps at domestic with 0 apparatus to get the ones lean toned fingers you’ve at all times sought after.

This exercise is considered one of my all-time favourite at-home shoulder exercises; the most productive phase is you don’t even want any apparatus.

This one is assured to extend energy, support definition, and go away your fingers totally able for tank tops and swimsuits irrespective of the season.

I at all times attempt to make it some degree to reply to no matter questions you could have right here on Tone and Tighten. One of the vital most-commonly requested questions I am getting about this exercise come with…

How can I exercise my fingers with out weights?
There are lots of body weight workout routines you’ll be able to do to tone your fingers with out apparatus, a few of them simply take slightly extra creativity. Push-ups, dips, planks, and undergo crawls are amongst my favourite; we’ll introduce you to a couple of others on this exercise as neatly.


How can I construct arm muscle at domestic?
So as to tone and form your fingers you need to workout the muscle groups towards resistance. This contains pushing, pulling, and weight-bearing thru your fingers. That is going to concentrate on activating your biceps, triceps, and shoulders to tone and sculpt lean muscle in those spaces.

Normally body weight resistance received’t be sufficient to place on mass, moderately they’re nice for firming and sculpting your fingers.


Are body weight workout routines efficient?
Body weight workout routines are completely efficient in burning energy, firming muscle, and burning fats. Once more – the important thing to all of that is activating your muscle groups towards a resistance to extend energy and due to this fact tone. Whilst you don’t essentially have the entire motions to be had that you’d with weights/bands, you’ll be able to nonetheless get in a really perfect higher physique exercise with all kinds of workout routines the use of your body weight best.

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Let’s transfer directly to the exercise!

For this exercise, my major focal point is firming and sculpting your shoulders, in particular your deltoids. We’re going to be doing 6 upper-body workout routines in circuit layout: we’ll carry out ABC 3 times thru after which transfer directly to DEF three times thru.

We’re going to hit this one in timed durations so no want to depend reps. When you’re searching for an period timer you’ll be able to to find an app in your telephone or CLICK HERE to peer my favourite one from Amazon (associate hyperlink – I am getting a small proportion of the acquisition at 0 further price to you).

So let’s get to it!



Heat up
Leaping Jacks
jumping jack

50 seconds, 10 2nd leisure (repeated two times)

Methods to do a leaping jack

  • Get started along with your charge in combination and your fingers at our aspects
  • “Soar” your ft aside whilst bringing your fingers up and over your head.
  • “Soar” your ft again in combination whilst bringing your fingers back off for your aspects.

picture divider tone and tighten

The Exercise

Overhead Claps
overhead clap
1 minute

Methods to do an Overhead Clap workout

  • Stand along with your ft shoulder-width aside along with your fingers immediately out for your aspects.
  • Carry your fingers over your head to “clap” up on the most sensible.
  • Go back to the beginning place.


Shoulder (pike) Push Ups
pike push up
30 seconds

Methods to do a Pike Push Up

  • Get down right into a push-up place in your fingers and ft
  • Hinge at your hips to boost your butt into the air in opposition to the ceiling.
  • Carry out your push up by way of bending your elbows and reducing your head in opposition to the ground.
  • Go back to the beginning place.


 Top Plank
Standard high plank
30 seconds

Methods to do a Tall Plank

  • Get down in your fingers and ft along with your elbows prolonged.
  • Stay your core tight as you hang this place statically.
  • Your hips, shoulders, knees, and ft will have to all be in a immediately line.


30 seconds


swimmer exercise
1 minute

Methods to do a Swimmer Workout

  • Lay in your abdomen along with your fingers stretched out overhead.
  • Contract your core and raise your proper arm and left leg up off the ground.
  • Slowly go back to the beginning place and repeat along with your left arm/proper leg.


Undergo Move slowly
bear crawl exercise
30 seconds

Methods to do a Undergo Move slowly Workout

  • Get down on all fours – in your fingers and ft along with your knees bent.
  • Move slowly ahead as a lot room as you may have – don’t let your knees contact the ground
  • Move slowly backwards so far as you’ll be able to
  • Proceed


Frame Noticed
body saw exercise
30 seconds

Methods to carry out a Frame Noticed Workout

  • Get down right into a low plank place in your elbows and ft.
  • Rock as a long way ahead onto your elbows and ft as you’ll be able to whilst keeping up just right backbone alignment.
  • Now rock way back to you’ll be able to.


30 seconds




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Make it occur,


Tank top shoulders at home with this 20-minute workout! No-equipment arm workout from Tone-and-Tighten.com

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