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Resistance Bands 101: Why You Need Them and Where to Start

You’ve most likely crossed paths with a resistance band or two alongside your health adventure. Whilst they appear to be easy gymnasium apparatus, they arrive jam-packed with a complete vary of advantages. So, we grew to become to 2 Aaptiv running shoes to let us know extra about resistance bands and how you can use them in our coaching.

How do resistance bands paintings?

Aaptiv teacher Candice Cunningham says, “Resistance bands paintings by means of including an exterior resistance drive that may be implemented with no need to carry further weight in keeping with se.” They’re flat, occasionally looped bands that vary from skinny sizes to thick.

Aaptiv teacher and proprietor of Running shoes in Transit, Jennifer Giamo, additional explains, “They supply resistance at various levels of issue (gentle, medium, heavy, further heavy) when offering the opposing drive with your personal frame weight. When they’re anchored in position, you’ll be able to push, pull, curl, and so on. towards the rubber resistance.”

What are some advantages of resistance bands?


There are a couple of advantages to the usage of resistance bands, which makes them so fashionable among gymnasium goers and running shoes alike. “They’re moveable [and] affordable,” Giamo says. Resistance bands can be utilized any place—the gymnasium, on the park, in your house. They’re compact and light-weight in order that they don’t absorb a lot house or upload weight. Mainly, they’re very best for becoming in exercises on-the-go. Simply pop the sort of bands to your baggage, and you’ll be able to arrange your house gymnasium in the course of your resort room.


You’ll have spotted that resistance bands are available more than a few colours and thickness. Every measurement and colour usually correlates with a definite resistance point. So, you’ll be able to select which band to make use of in accordance with your skill and the workout you’re doing. It makes this multi-level health software nice for all ranges, says Giamo.


“They’re nice for activating muscle teams previous to heavy lifting or aerobic workout to make sure right kind muscle teams are running and doing their jobs,” Cunningham provides. “They’re additionally nice for firming smaller muscle spaces.”
However you don’t want to be told new workout routines or actions to make use of the bands. Take workout routines you’re already conversant in, and cause them to tougher by means of including further resistance. However, you’ll be able to in truth make some strikes more uncomplicated by means of the usage of the bands as leverage and offsetting a few of your body weight.
“They supply selection to a regimen exercise and likewise permit for muscle mass to paintings concentrically and eccentrically—offering resistance right through the ‘paintings section’ and the ‘leisure section,’” says Giamo. “[Resistance bands] also are moderately easy to make use of when understanding by yourself. They’re protected and efficient.”

What workout routines can I do with resistance bands?

You’ll use resistance bands as a part of plenty of health routines and exercises. However they’re specifically helpful in relation to energy and firming exercises. “The advantages of the usage of resistance bands for energy coaching are never-ending,” Giamo says. “You’ll carry out workout routines for each and every main muscle crew, problem your present regimen ([for example], upload them to push-u.s.for larger issue). You’ll additionally building up your vary of movement, flexibility and muscular staying power.”

There’s a vary of workout routines you’ll be able to use them with similar to assisted pull-ups, chest press, bicep curls, and tricep extensions. “Some [other] nice workout routines are scapular retraction pulls and pull united statesfor higher frame, for decrease frame glute bridges, lateral kicks or walks, and clams,” says Cunningham.

Are resistance bands higher than unfastened weights and gymnasium machines?

Whilst resistance bands are nice, it doesn’t imply that you want to shun the unfastened weights and gymnasium machines utterly. “I feel they’re a just right supplement to weights and machines,” Giamo explains. “They assist upload a special part to energy coaching and are particularly nice when weights and machines don’t seem to be to be had. You’ll mimic virtually all workout routines and paintings the similar muscle teams the usage of resistance bands.”

If truth be told, research display the results of mixing elastic and unfastened weight resistance on energy and gear in athletes. A mix of the bands and unfastened weights, for instance, presentations considerably larger effects in comparison to simply the usage of unfastened weights by myself. In the long run, to give a boost to your total frame composition, don’t simply depend on one or the opposite. Use a mix of resistance bands, unfastened weights, and machines to present your self an ideal exercise.

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