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Re-Thinking Orthodox Set and Rep Structures to Optimise Hypertrophy

Units and reps are as outdated as coaching itself. The repetition is the basis of each coaching method available in the market. With out reps, there’s no coaching. On the other hand, the inflexible construction of units and reps we default to would possibly prohibit our doable to growth optimally with regards to gaining muscle.


There may be compelling proof that coaching quantity (units x reps x load) is the motive force in the back of hypertrophy. So vital is the affect of coaching quantity dose reaction dating has been established in literature. The extra you do the extra you develop. Moreover, this quantity will have to growth additional time to stay muscle overload in position. You could be considering, “that’s all smartly and excellent Tom, however what does this need to do with conventional units and reps?” Permit me to give an explanation for.


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The Hassle with Units and Reps

Maximum techniques are set-up the usage of inflexible set and rep schemes (e.g., 3×3, 5×5, or 10×10). Different occasions a rep racket is allotted—for instance, 3×6-Eight. Those conventional rep schemes can also be extraordinarily efficient. I’ve incessantly used them myself. On the other hand, there generally is a drawback with regards to making sure coaching quantity will increase additional time.


For instance this level here’s a living proof. John begins out the usage of 225 lbs for his 3×6-Eight. His “development” is as follows:


  • Week 1 – 225 lbs X Eight/7/6 = four,725 lbs
  • Week 2 – 225 lbs X Eight/Eight/7 = Five,175 lbs
  • Week three – 225 lbs X Eight/Eight/Eight = Five,400 lbs
  • Week four – 230 lbs X Eight/6/6 = four,600 lbs
  • Week Five – 230 lbs X Eight/7/6 = four,830 lbs
  • Week 6 – 230 lbs X Eight/7/7 = Five,060 lbs
  • Week 7 – 230 lbs X Eight/Eight/Eight = Five,520 lbs


Now, in the event you simply have a look at the burden at the bar and the reps carried out I feel you’d agree that this seems like beautiful first rate growth. The issue is that once peaking in week three, it then takes John till week 7 to surpass his quantity for this carry. That signifies that he was once failing to optimally overload by means of quantity for four weeks out of seven—no longer a super hit fee!


Will his expansion were non-existent on this time? In fact no longer. The rest inside of roughly 10% of his perfect efficiency more than likely falls inside of an overload vary—wherein I imply a enough quantity load was once lifted to reason the frame to conform rather. On the other hand, it wasn’t a regularly overloading stimulus so, it was once no longer an optimum stimulus. Expansion will have been that bit sooner. Over a 7 week duration those variations are negligible. Lengthen it out over your lifting occupation and it provides as much as a noticeable distinction.


The Position of Overall Quantity Coaching (TVT)

Just lately, I’ve experimented extraordinarily effectively with the usage of general rep objectives relatively than explicit units and reps. I name this Overall Quantity Coaching (TVT). Imagine the next construction and notice the way it is helping John constantly upload quantity week to week. John begins out the usage of his Eight-rep max (225 lbs) and does as many units as required to hit the full rep goal as follows:


  • Week 1 – 225 lbs X 20 general reps = four,500 lbs
  • Week 2 – 225 lbs X 22 general reps = four,950 lbs
  • Week three – 225 lbs X 24 general reps = Five,400 lbs
  • Week four – 225 lbs X 26 general reps = Five,850 lbs
  • Week Five – 225 lbs X 28 general reps = 6,300 lbs
  • Week 6 – 225 lbs X 30 general reps = 6,750 lbs
  • Week 7 – 225 lbs X 32 general reps (John exceeds his capability to get well and takes a deload)


With this method, there’s a linear building up in coaching quantity. To reach the full rep goal John would possibly smartly need to do extra units over the segment. In week 1, he would possibly have were given 20 general reps in 3 general units. To hit the 30 rep threshold in week 6 would possibly have taken him four or Five units. The secret’s that quantity is continuously expanding. Certain, you’ll succeed in will increase in general quantity the usage of extra conventional set/rep schemes through including units. The issue is other folks incessantly incorrectly practice this method and idiot themselves into believing they’re progressing when they aren’t. They upload weight to the bar, however don’t do sufficient general reps to extend general quantity.


Imagine this situation:



  • Week 1 – 225 lbs X Eight/7/6 = four,725 lbs
  • Week 2 – 225 lbs X Eight/Eight/Eight = Five,400 lbs
  • Week three – 225 lbs X Eight/Eight/Eight/6 = 6,750 lbs
  • Week four – 225 lbs X Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight = 7,200 lbs
  • Week Five – 230 lbs X Eight/7/6/6 = 6,210 lbs


The important thing with the TVT construction is that it guarantees quantity will increase each week. It gets rid of any doable for the belief of growth when none is there and it acts as a security internet to be sure to succeed in your number one objective—overloading by means of quantity.


As an added bonus, the TVT construction saves you from having to check out and calculate your general coaching quantity all the way through a consultation and evaluate to final week’s efficiency. Just right success doing that once a difficult set of squats! As a substitute, you understand all it’s important to do is display up, punch the clock, and hit your allocated rep general on the given weight.


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The Loss of Load

For the ones of you fascinated by the loss of will increase in load at the bar I say, so what? Hypertrophy is the focal point and you are going to be offering a robust hypertrophy inducing stimulus via higher quantity. If you can’t reconcile this truth then, I do have an answer so that you can use at the large compound lifts. A excellent rule of thumb is to attempt to get 1-2% more potent each and every week. Assuming you’re robust sufficient at the large barbell lifts for will increase of this magnitude to be possible (a lot of a minimum of 250 lbs permit a 2% building up of five lbs), then you’ll merely stay the rep general the similar, however building up load. For instance:


  • Week 1 – 250 lbs X 20 general reps = Five,000 lbs
  • Week 2 – 255 lbs X 20 general reps = Five,100 lbs
  • Week three – 260 lbs X 20 general reps = Five,200 lbs


To focus on how including load on this approach is other to how a suite and rep construction would play out, imagine this situation:


John plays 4×3-Five beginning at 250 lbs and upload Five lbs a week as above.


  • Week 1 – 250 lbs x Five, Five, Five, Five = Five,000 lbs
  • Week 2 – 255 lbs x Five, Five, Five, four = four,845 lbs
  • Week three – 260 lbs x Five, Five, four, three = four,420 lbs


Every week his coaching volumes reduces. The complete opposite of what he is making an attempt to reach. Now, he may treatment this through including units. Finally, this is necessarily what would occur when the usage of a complete rep goal, however it’s hardly regarded as in set and rep buildings. Even through including units there’s no make it possible for coaching quantity will increase. This is any other instance, to show off how this would possibly play out:


  • Week 1 – 250 lbs 4×3-Five – John will get Five, Five, Five, Five (20 general reps) = Five,000 lbs
  • Week 2 – 255 lbs 5×3-Five – John plays x Five, Five, Five, four, four (23 general reps) = Five,865 lbs
  • Week three – 260 lbs 6×3-Five – John does x Five, Five, four, three, three, 2 (22 general reps) = Five,720 lbs


As you’ll see, specializing in a units and reps construction takes your consideration clear of what issues maximum with regards to development measurement. As a substitute, select a technique that lets you relentlessly upload quantity. Through the years, this will likely reason you to develop on the fastest fee imaginable. Without reference to whether or not you select to force general reps up or stay reps static and building up load, the full coaching quantity will building up. That is what actually issues with regards to hypertrophy and is why TVT is so efficient.


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