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Podcast Episode 32: Cassandra Martin

Nick Collias: Hi, everybody. Excellent morning and welcome to your Bodybuilding.com Podcast. Everyone sleep neatly? No, no?

Heather Eastman: Possibly, more or less.

Nick: The solution is at all times no. Heather Eastman to my left, our muscle insider.

Heather: That is proper.

Nick: She gained a protein chugging contest the day before today…

Heather: That is proper.

Nick: Down within the gymnasium dressed like Heidi from the Bavarian Alps.

Cassandra Martin: Congratulations.

Heather: I appeared extra like Dorothy. Thanks. I used to be very pleased with myself.

Nick: Dorothy, Heidi, we are not going to make you repeat that now. Cassandra Martin, Instagram health sensation? I do not know, how do you describe?

Cassandra Martin: Simply Cassandra Martin, slash bodybuilder, slash building employee.

Nick: So, ok bodybuilder … So, and that is her husband, Hunter right here as neatly together with her. So, the time period bodybuilder isn’t one thing that you end up suffering with, like on the circle of relatives dinner desk? Aunt Mabel’s like, “What do you do?”, and you might be like, “God rattling it, I am a bodybuilder.”

Cassandra Martin: I am a bodybuilder. I suppose I believe now we are more or less switching it to “powerbuilder.” As a result of we love to boost heavy and stuff. We identical to to visit the gymnasium and exercise principally. Similar to everybody else who is there.

Nick: However, you occur to have 1,000,000 or so other folks gazing you each and every time you do it, proper? For many who don’t seem to be acquainted with Cassandra, she is, I suppose, an Instagram health big name at this level. Places up heaps of movies and other folks simply more or less adore it. Let us know how this took place.

Heather: Yeah, how’d this get started?

Cassandra Martin: Neatly, I used to have an Instagram and not using a profile percent and I used to be like … I knew most effective a few individuals who have been IFBB professionals or no matter and about them. I used to be like, “Oh, that is so cool. I like gazing their movies and taking a look at their footage.” I used to be like, “I need to do this. Let’s take a look at it.” So, we simply posted an image and …

Nick: What was once the primary one?

Cassandra Martin: It was once the primary one, it was once my T-bar again. ‘Reason I were figuring out, I used to be lovely sturdy or no matter, and I used to be like, “Let’s simply put it up there and spot the way it does.” I had no fans. I did not even … I do not even know if I adopted someone. I simply put it up, it took like two weeks to get a few perspectives or no matter. I believe I hash tagged two issues after which after that folks have been like, “Oh, my god!” Similar to off that one image. That is cool, you must put up extra, so I began posting extra, then it more or less changed into a trade factor after.

Nick: You’re the cameraman.

Hunter Martin: Yeah, I am at the back of the digicam.

Nick: And, you might be deciding on the track as neatly?

Hunter Martin: No, that is either one of us. It is simply the track we concentrate to.

Nick: Ok.

Hunter Martin: That is the query we get.

Heather: How lengthy have been you lifting prior to that? At what level did this type of come into your health occupation?

Cassandra Martin: So, now we have been in combination for like seven years. We were lifting for seven years, but it surely wasn’t till 5 years in the past that we have been in step with it six days every week. That is how lengthy now we have been lifting. I believe we went to the primary Olympia and I noticed everybody and I used to be like, “That is so cool”. So after that, we got here house and we have been like, let’s make this a constant factor. Let’s have a look at if our our bodies can trade and that’s the reason what we began doing. We began posting extra as a result of we spotted the extra we posted, it was once getting excellent comments and we more or less discovered alongside the way in which.

Nick: So, you went to the Olympia. Clearly you have been curious, what led you there?

Cassandra Martin: Neatly, he is been into bodybuilding.

Hunter Martin: Yeah, I had at all times sought after to move.

Nick: Simply to look the entire thing are living in individual.

Hunter Martin: Yeah. Then it more or less … Phil gained his first one once we went to the first actual one. It was once more or less … It was once motivating for us to move and it took off from there. We have been seeking to figure out at all times after which jobs would arise, we would need to take a couple of months off to catch up and perform a little stuff, however the remaining 3 to 4 years had been lovely …

Nick: Similar to all proper that is it, we are locked in.

Hunter Martin: Yeah, now we are locked in.

Cassandra Martin: Six days every week.

Hunter Martin: Prior to it was once like, we might figure out, but when a task got here up we have been at the back of, we might take … There was once a time that we even took like 3 months off, as a result of we simply needed to.

Nick: Positive.

Hunter Martin: So, we misplaced the whole thing, then you’re feeling like you might be restarting.

Nick: It is … Um, building’s aerobic, proper?

Hunter Martin: Oh, yeah.

Heather: That is what I sought after to invite you about; is that now not most effective are you doing this Instagram bodybuilding in combination, you even have a … What would you name it? A building corporate, a transforming corporate, let us know a bit bit extra about that.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, we … Once we first met, I used to be going to cosmetology faculty, so I used to be doing hair and stuff and we … I principally requested him to visit a task and I used to be , I sought after to understand how to tile, learn how to roof, learn how to installed a window, learn how to the whole thing. So, he is aware of so much about building as a result of he grew up together with his dad doing it. His entire circle of relatives’s fascinated about it. We simply began doing that in combination after which we are like, let’s save up cash and let’s purchase … You realize, the ones presentations have been widespread on HGTV, the place other folks have been purchasing houses and flipping. I used to be like, “Let’s do this. That appears so amusing.” We stored up cash, we offered my automotive, we purchased our first turn house and we discovered so much via it.

Nick: Absolutely with the purpose of that is going to be our undertaking.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah.

Heather: And finding out to paintings in combination, that is vital.

Hunter Martin: That is the simple section.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, that was once the straightforward section.

Hunter Martin: Everybody asks us how do you’re employed in combination. That is simple.

Cassandra Martin: The one factor we bicker about is dumb stuff, like I need this colour and he is like no, I believe we must do that colour. That is not even a large deal.

Hunter Martin: It is laborious since you’re development the home for the loads.

Heather: You do not accept as true with the cosmetology stage, the colours?

Hunter Martin: She will get non-public with them.

Nick: At what level have been you favor, you understand what I believe I’ve a significantly excellent employee right here, too?

Hunter Martin: From day one, the first actual task we did in combination, a complete task. We reroofed a storage, so we tore it off and it was once the entire thing. I have executed it prior to and employed some buddies. They labored for like a hour after which they need to surrender, it is sizzling. She outworked me, so I used to be like, “What is going on right here?”

Nick: Oh, in point of fact. Why is that? What’s it about you that you are one of these excellent employee? Is that on account of the gymnasium or is that on account of simply who you might be?

Cassandra Martin: I believe I’ve … Neatly, I used to be eager about it and I sought after to be told about the whole thing. I used to be pumped up. I believe like other folks would not be pumped up, like our buddies, once we’re like, “Come on let’s tear off a roof”. They are like, “How lengthy are we going to paintings for?” However, I used to be like pumped up. Let’s have a look at how briskly I will get this executed. I simply … I suppose I need to be told up to I will.

Hunter Martin: She’s a excellent employee. Excellent employee. The toughest employee I have been round in the entire building.

Heather: Yeah, you appear to have this herbal motivation and that comes via in your movies. Do you ever battle with motivation to visit the gymnasium or is there a definite frame section that you simply hate lifting or …

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, it is generally now not … I have by no means struggled to visit the gymnasium, I generally battle to visit paintings. I might somewhat be on the gymnasium than at paintings. However, I am not partial to doing biceps, to be truthful. I am in truth identified for biceps, I hate … I simply suppose it is so dull and you might be simply sitting there. That is most probably the one one. The opposite ones, like there is workouts that I believe like I need to be more potent at, so due to this fact I believe like I am not excellent at as a result of I am not as sturdy as I need to be. However it is generally simply biceps which can be in point of fact dull. I may simply get rid of that and be utterly effective with out it, however I more or less now am taking footage of other folks so flexing is … I am identified for flexing within the footage, so I’d wish to nonetheless do biceps simply in case.

Nick: So, now that there are many girls who elevate lovely significantly, who take their coaching very significantly, however do not essentially get their body the place you’re feeling such as you gotten yours. What was once kind of the sport changer? When did issues in point of fact begin to come in combination and also you cross, you understand what I believe I in truth have muscular possible?

Cassandra Martin: It was once gradual, it took … For me I believe like I did not get started noticing the rest till two years. I believe it is how I devour. I believe like I’ve an enormous urge for food. I’m continuously consuming, I devour numerous pink meat, carbs and stuff like that. I believe running helped so much, too, as a result of we are at all times lifting stuff. It was once two years in principally that I began figuring out, I will in truth see muscle.

Hunter Martin: It took a short while. It was once like even I noticed it a bit bit, however then after a few years, then it was once swiftly. I believe everybody thinks she was once tremendous sturdy to start with and she or he wasn’t. I imply we got here into bench press and she or he did the bar a couple of occasions.

Cassandra Martin: I used to be shaking.

Hunter Martin: We have been like including fives and tens, then swiftly after a yr, I believe, of simply feeling it out, it simply clicked in the future. Each and every week was once simply ten extra kilos. Then I believe the issues with paintings has helped, she’s selecting up 80 pound luggage of concrete.

Cassandra Martin: Beams. We are hanging 1,000 pound beams up.

Hunter Martin: Simply doing stuff that now we have had to try this you need to get executed that day. You simply were given to check out it and power your self.

Nick: Extraordinary object power, proper?

Hunter Martin: Yeah, I imply it is so other.

Nick: So, attempt to let us know, what’s the distinction that that makes: sporting round luggage of concrete, selecting up beams, stuff like that. Is it only a … Do you’ve got get entry to in your muscle groups in manner that any person who any individual who does not do bodily hard work does not, or what’s the distinction?

Cassandra Martin: I believe people who find themselves in bodily hard work, they understand how to take care of issues or pick out issues up and learn how to grip.

Hunter Martin: It is numerous psychological. It is other. Yeah, however you simply more or less need to … Mentally you simply have to inform your self I wish to transfer this or do this.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah.

Hunter Martin: As a result of once in a while we’re going to be transferring stuff and I am even like, “Howdy, that is an excessive amount of,” however she’s doing it and it is heavy for me, believe what it is like for her. However, she’s simply doing it and …

Cassandra Martin: The scariest is beams. Once we put beams up, as a result of I am like, this factor will overwhelm me and I may … I apply this factor on Instagram, it is referred to as “OSHA Is This Ok?” they usually display the entire dangerous issues that may occur in building.

Cassandra Martin: And so I am like, that was once by no means at the back of my thoughts.

Heather: And also you watch that?

Nick: Building fails?

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, precisely. There is no different choice, however to only elevate this beam and get it up there.

Heather: You need to do it.

Cassandra Martin: I am … Yeah, so I simply do not consider the rest, however seeking to do it.

Nick: That is nice, that is a captivating concept. So, underneath the bar you might be like, I were given to transport it.

Hunter Martin: That is simple. You are transferring stuff very small.

Cassandra Martin: It is so … It is the similar shape at all times within the gymnasium, however it is a little bit scarier in building, I’d say. So, it doesn’t matter what I am like I am frickin’ a beast and I am sturdy. I’ve to carry this. I am simply seeking to persuade myself of that, even supposing I am not positive what’s going to occur.

Nick: So, the ones two years when it in point of fact made the adaptation then, we are speaking coaching like a straight-up bodybuilder then at that time or … ?

Cassandra Martin: No. So, Ronnie Coleman has been either one of our inspiration, motivation … He is wonderful to us, however we watched him prior to we might cross to mattress at evening and principally if any individual requested me who I glance as much as it is principally him. His movies are those we used to observe prior to we might cross to the gymnasium, however yeah, so we … We needed to coach like him and he is more or less in some way a powerbuilder. He lifts heavy and …

Nick: Heavy ass weights.

Cassandra Martin: He lifts for aesthetics as neatly and I believe it is a mix of that and that’s the reason why we educate the way in which we do. It is off of what his genre is.

Nick: Ok, so digging up.

Cassandra Martin: And Department Warren and Johnnie Jackson, so we love them too.

Hunter Martin: The learning, it hasn’t various. Everybody at all times asks that. We’ve got been doing the similar regimen.

Heather: Yeah, you were given to stick with numerous the massive workouts, the squats and deadlifts and such things as that, however you might be indisputably getting your more or less, bizarre actions along with your extracurricular actions.

Nick: Yeah, utterly.

Heather: You do not in point of fact have to try this within the gymnasium essentially.

Cassandra Martin: I believe that is why I’ve large forearms, which I by no means sought after large forearms as a result of I believe like that is bizarre to have. However I do have large forearms and it is from the hammers and protecting the framing gun and stuff like that. You construct different muscle groups in building.

Heather: Oh, needless to say.

Nick: So, you have been pronouncing one thing attention-grabbing. You guys principally do just the similar regimen.

Hunter Martin: We do the similar regimen, yeah. Even if she first walked within the gymnasium, she sought after to figure out. I used to be already doing the similar regimen that I were given from Ronnie Coleman after I first knew about bodybuilding.

Nick: That is years principally.

Hunter Martin: Ten years. Hasn’t modified.

Nick: Ok, so everyone else who is like, “Oh, I plateau I’ve to modify each and every week.”

Hunter Martin: I don’t believe … When now we have … Should you plateau most commonly, truthfully, it is simply nutrition. She will trade her nutrition and in couple a weeks and she alters. That is more or less the way in which. Or whether or not we … If we are doing a task, a turn area or one thing, it is sizzling out and we are running. You are gonna lose power, we understand it. The iciness comes round and if we do not need a undertaking she will be able to get 20 kilos of power in a month, it simply more or less occurs to what you might be consuming and now not transferring round as a lot.

Nick: Ok, so devour your manner via a plateau.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah.

Heather: I really like that.

Hunter Martin: Make little tweaks.

Heather: I will get at the back of that one.

Hunter Martin: That is what now we have executed and it is labored … it really works higher for her than me, so yeah.

Nick: Now to begin with you guys stated the phrase ‘powerbuilding’ got here up that has connection to different power sports activities regardless that, makes me need to ask what are you chasing some critical one rep max power right here? Are you eager about powerlifting?

Cassandra Martin: I am pondering for the longer term, powerlifting. I have been eager about powerlifting and I apply numerous powerlifters. I identical to that I suppose. I am drawn to that, however I believe one day once we’re executed with paintings and stuff as a result of I do really feel like paintings holds me again strength-wise. That will be one thing down the street I might be eager about doing needless to say.

Heather: Very cool.

Nick: And for girls who need to discover their power possible and in point of fact see what their possible is as a result of obviously firstly of this you did not know what your possible was once. What kind of recommendation do you cross alongside to them? How do you to find your basis? How do you find what your body is able to, what your frame is succesful strength-wise?

Cassandra Martin: Simply checking out it. I believe like, simply cross and push your self within the gymnasium since you by no means know what you might be able to. I did not suppose I’d ever be this sturdy to be truthful with you. I take into account flat bench dumbbell, 35-pound dumbbells and I used to be tremendous excited that I were given it. I used to be like, “Oh, my god. I will’t imagine I were given it. I am so sturdy.” I simply suppose that I … I simply suppose push your self is the perfect solution to offer as a result of in the event you push your self and check out and paintings laborious, you can be shocked with the effects or achievements you’ll be able to …

Hunter Martin: Yeah, it is psychological. She simply has that subsequent stage of doing one thing, making an attempt one thing, possibly even … She attempted stuff that … I am sporting two luggage of concrete after which she grabs two. It is like she’s doing it, however must she be?

Cassandra Martin: I believe I’ve that …

Hunter Martin: She has this like, when she lifts, she has that glance in her eyes.

Cassandra Martin: He is like, “Do not raise two, you’ll be able to’t do it.” I am like, “Sure, I will.”

Heather: Oh, that what I used to be going to surprise. Is there a bit little bit of a contest?

Cassandra Martin: Yeah. Let’s have a look at if I will. There was occasions the place he is left and I am like, I’ll see if I will do that even supposing he stated I should not be selecting it up. I simply need to see as a result of I am cussed.

Hunter Martin: It is such a lot endurance and simply do not … I believe you put your barriers on it mentally and for her she by no means in point of fact did it, she virtually simply driven and driven and it wasn’t in point of fact about …

Cassandra Martin: And, I’d say do not consider how heavy the rest … Neatly, clearly be secure, have a spotter and the whole thing like that, however do not be disturbed such a lot about how heavy it is going to be. Consider extra so, like what number of reps you’ll get or how simple it’s. I believe like I persuade myself so much or I attempt to persuade myself that issues are more uncomplicated than they most probably in truth are, so prior to I am on the point of do a collection, I am continuously chatting with myself like, “I am sturdy. You’ll be able to do that. That is going to be simple.” Then I attempt to imagine it as a result of I believe that is what it is going to take for me to get it up or no matter. I believe that … I do not know if that sounds bizarre. I’m like my very own hype guy.

Heather: Yeah, no it is …

Hunter Martin: For her once in a while too once we have been first beginning out, she in point of fact did not know what she was once lifting. I might toss something on and if it was once simple I might put extra. Then swiftly even I spotted, wow she’s like getting loopy sturdy fast. It simply more or less took off and it simply … She has that no concern, push, take a look at, get it executed.

Nick: Now, the routines that … You are more or less a thriller on-line. As a result of, there is your account … You do not do the loopy hash tag factor, “Howdy everyone, hyperlink within the bio.” Exercises on a daily basis. There is no feedback in point of fact. You are simply kind of there.

Cassandra Martin: I do not in point of fact caption … Yeah, I simply sought after my web page to be a spot for other folks to move if they are missing motivation or I do not know … I believe like other folks simply need to see me figure out and now not in point of fact listen me communicate or my critiques, in order that’s why I do not in point of fact put up the rest within the caption section, however I believe it is only a position for other folks to move and search for motivation if they are missing it that day.

Nick: You will have to have other folks nonetheless succeed in out to you at all times regardless that, proper?

Cassandra Martin: Oh yeah, I am getting heaps of questions as a result of now I am beginning to notice possibly other folks more or less need to know a bit extra about me, however …

Nick: Is it about you or is it about your coaching? “Give me your exercise, I would like your exercise.”

Cassandra Martin: I believe … Neatly, now not in my opinion me simply extra so the learning after which there are some individuals who ask about us or me. So, little such things as that. I am nonetheless finding out to be extra outgoing on-line.

Hunter Martin: It is nonetheless other for us.

Nick: Yeah, I believe.

Hunter Martin: We nonetheless have our full-time … Our entire lifestyles invested in building, so it is a part-time task that merits full-time consideration.

Cassandra Martin: We are naturally conservative in point of fact.

Hunter Martin: Yeah, in point of fact.

Cassandra Martin: We do not in point of fact percentage so much about ourselves.

Hunter Martin: We might by no means had social media prior to.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah.

Hunter Martin: Neither folks.

Cassandra Martin: I believe like we sucked at it after which it was once rising and I used to be like, possibly we do not suck at it. I do not know what is going down.

Nick: Neatly, that is the factor you watch different it is identical to that loopy hashtags in every single place, at all times. You are just like the 0 hashtag lifter.

Cassandra Martin: I do hashtag.

Heather: However it’s refreshing in some way. On the earth of oversharing here is any individual that is sharing simply sufficient to intrigue you.

Cassandra Martin: I don’t believe someone cares about … I suppose extra so other folks simply care concerning the coaching section. That is why I used to be pondering if I have been taking a look at Instagram and I’m missing motivation or one thing and I need to see any individual figuring out, I simply need to see you figure out. I do not wish to listen you communicate, I simply need to see you get after it and raise some weights.

Nick: Utterly. The couple of routines which can be floating round available in the market, both on phony websites or those that act like they have interviewed you however have not. They rather correct regardless that? Or it is like principally one heavy elevate after which a ton of quantity after that?

Cassandra Martin: We do not even know the entire …

Hunter Martin: We do not know what is available in the market.

Cassandra Martin: We’ve got heard some bizarre stuff regardless that. I am like, what the heck? This isn’t …

Hunter Martin: Any person wrote that she graduated from Harvard.

Nick: Oh, in point of fact?

Hunter Martin: Simply loopy stuff.

Nick: I noticed this different one too the place it was once, “Here is my new video and it went to this video. It was once obviously now not created through you. There is some faux you’s available in the market.”

Cassandra Martin: Oh yeah, and there is … It more or less makes me mad as a result of individuals are telling folks false issues that isn’t … They are sharing, that is the pre-workout I take or that is my favourite factor. So, you might be giving those other folks a picture or first influence of me and that’s the reason now not who I’m in any respect. So, that is what was once irritating I believed, however you’ll be able to’t keep watch over what different individuals are doing, so no matter.

Heather: It is true.

Cassandra Martin: So no matter. I believe individuals who apply my web page understand it’s in truth me and those that apply the ones fan pages or faux pages, I am positive they might inform it is any individual else motive a few of them are foreigners.

Nick: Proper, you’ll be able to inform once in a while through the sentence building.

Cassandra Martin: Sure.

Heather: Hmm… that does not in point of fact sound…

Cassandra Martin: That’s not how I sound.

Hunter Martin: They get her peak and weight fallacious.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, guys I noticed that you simply have been five’nine”.

Nick: She is 6’7″ over right here, I simply need to cross this alongside.

Cassandra Martin: It is so tousled.

Nick: Ok, so then give us an concept regardless that of ways you do educate. Are we doing immediately frame section cut up, this vintage Ronnie Coleman-style coaching you guys had been doing perpetually?

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, we principally exercise one frame section every day, apart from for legs; we do this two times every week, simply because I sought after to paintings on my legs and get them a bit bit larger. We cut up that up with hamstring in the future, like hamstring center of attention after which quad center of attention some other day. Then now we have added in chest lately with biceps and triceps as a result of we need to get more potent in that house. If I ever do a powerlifting meet I sought after to get that quantity up particularly. I need to hit 1,000 kilos.

Nick: What rules do really feel in point of fact information you on your coaching? What … If any person have been to check out one in every of your workout routines, what do you’re feeling like they’d really feel. Oh my god, that is heavy or that is loopy quantity.

Hunter Martin: For essentially the most section, yeah now we have gotten each. We’ve a powerlifter good friend who all he does … He is in point of fact sturdy. He is 19 and his numbers are manner up there. We’ve got lifted with him a couple of occasions and bench and he’s going to hit his few reps after which he is executed. Then we moved directly to …

Cassandra Martin: I believe he does one rep for like … it was once bizarre.

Hunter Martin: He does ten extra reps … So, then …

Nick: Oh, a host of heavy singles?

Hunter Martin: Yeah, we transfer directly to a quantity to the place it is most commonly 4 units of the whole thing and every one gradually heavy, so your remaining one you’re in point of fact pushing it. If you’re feeling sturdy that day it is like, howdy let’s throw a host of weight and spot what you’ll be able to do.

Nick: Ok.

Heather: Ok.

Hunter Martin: That is more or less the place the power facet, I believe is …

Cassandra Martin: However, now we have by no means even educated like one rep max ever. I have by no means even examined it in point of fact. So I wager … I believe like we exhaust ourselves such a lot prior to anyhow so I do not know what the real quantity can be if I have been to rep.

Nick: Does it even subject? Do you want to grasp that quantity?

Cassandra Martin: No.

Nick: As a result of you’re feeling like other folks no doubt obsess over that so much.

Cassandra Martin: They prefer to match, so …

Nick: However, it is one. That is simply in the future.

Hunter Martin: And she or he’s more or less like, if she will be able to get it as soon as, she needs it two times.

Nick: Yeah.

Cassandra Martin: I by no means need it only one time.

Hunter Martin: If she will get it two times, she needs it 3 times. Despite the fact that she will get it …

Nick: What quantity does information you guys?

Hunter Martin: It isn’t like a, I were given it then I’ll rack it. You get it and you’ll do some other one.

Heather: So, you might be now not locked into chasing the reps. You are locked in to chasing the heavier weight.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, for some explanation why I am obsessive about that.

Heather: Ok.

Cassandra Martin: I adore it.

Heather: It is a great way to method it.

Nick: One different attention-grabbing factor is I listen you guys speaking about how we educate. You educate the similar manner, proper. Some girls battle with that. After all, I would not need to elevate this man, he is a large bearded muscular man, however no, you guys educate the similar manner. With the similar expectancies, fall in the similar program. Is that simply … I imply, for a girl who is not aware of that, how do you give an explanation for that?

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, I imply I believe adore it’s the way in which you raise your self clearly so I believe numerous other folks do have the misunderstanding that in the event you elevate like the man, you’ll appear to be a man, however it is the manner you raise your self. Should you stroll round with invisible lat syndrome and I do not know. I simply suppose … I believe the way in which we educate and the way in which bodybuilders glance, I believe it is a gorgeous form and you’ll be able to succeed in that. Numerous ladies suppose kickbacks and stuff like which can be the right way to opt for a large booty, however squats are too. There is numerous workouts that you must do as a result of even the form of my butt has modified from once we first began to now. I don’t believe lifting like it is a dangerous factor or will make you seem like a person or the rest like that.

Nick: I do know I really like the way in which you stated that, it is a gorgeous form, a muscular form. Did you ever battle with that regardless that, the place you might be like, “Oh wow, I am seeing much more muscle than I used to be anticipating right here. That is utterly other from what I anticipated.”

Cassandra Martin: No, I believe it was once like I had fats on best of the muscle groups, so that is what I used to be suffering with once we first began as a result of I used to be … I wasn’t obese, however I used to be gaining muscle and seeking to burn the fats on the similar time. I believe it was once the fats to start with that I used to be suffering with after which learn how to put on garments, as a result of I used to be so used to 1 genre. Now I wish to put on pores and skin tight garments, as a result of if I put on a large fluffy blouse I believe like I glance … I do not understand it does not glance the similar. The way in which you get dressed. You need to learn to get dressed and I suppose the whole thing suits another way now. I do not even put on denims anymore to be truthful, as a result of it is so unfastened up on the best and it makes me appear to be I’ve a large abdominal.

That was once something I needed to trade after which I don’t believe the rest. I sought after the muscle, I did not precisely even know what I sought after, to be truthful. I simply sought after to figure out and I were given extra obsessive about the load a part of it, lifting numerous weight. Then when my frame began to modify it was once for the easier, it was once by no means like, “Oh my god. What is occurring right here?” It was once extra like, “Dang, my legs are taking a look toned,” or “My butt’s lifting. I am not flat chested anymore as a result of I am development muscle up right here.”

Hunter Martin: There was once by no means … She by no means ever stated I need to now not essentially appear to be this. It was once simply I need to educate after which because it began converting it simply … So does your thoughts. It’s possible you’ll suppose you need one thing, you educate, you get started seeing effects and now you need it larger and extra tighter. Even now it is ever converting. She nonetheless …

Cassandra Martin: I need larger legs now.

Hunter Martin: This and that. Issues develop that you do not know are going to develop. Her traps, my traps, we by no means lifted traps an afternoon in our lifestyles.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, like forearms.

Hunter Martin: However, it comes with the paintings we do. You are lifting stuff and I believe that that has performed an enormous section in her body and her again and stuff and it is more or less, I suppose a excellent factor.

Nick: Positive, do not be fearful of heavy lifting and possibly do not be afraid to devour.

Cassandra Martin: No, by no means be afraid to devour. I believe that is the something I inform everybody via a plateau.

Hunter Martin: That is the largest factor, yeah.

Cassandra Martin: Consume, clearly do not devour greater than you might be burning. I believe like the way in which we devour on account of what we do building has helped so much, particularly the carbs and stuff like that. I believe adore it’s made my muscle groups glance extra bubblier or no matter. The protein is helping me now not be as hungry all through the day. We are continuously consuming, once in a while I do not even need to devour as a result of it is freaking sizzling out right here and we have been at the roof all day.

Nick: However, I am so hungry.

Cassandra Martin: I might somewhat identical to now not devour.

Heather: Now, have you ever ever attempted weight loss plan down or do you simply more or less …

Cassandra Martin: No, I have by no means minimize to the place I will even see my abs … Finished that form of factor, however I’m at this time slicing again on carbs.

Heather: Ok.

Cassandra Martin: As a result of I need to lean up for the Olympia and glance excellent.

Heather: Ok.

Cassandra Martin: However, I have by no means had … I have by no means noticed my abs to be truthful. I do know I’ve a bit little bit of abs, however I need to get lean sufficient to look them, however now not too lean the place it looks as if I am seeking to compete in a display or the rest like that.

Nick: I used to be going to mention, as a result of numerous your idols right here, you might be speaking about Johnnie Jackson, Ronnie Coleman, the ones guys are heavy lifting dudes, however they are bodybuilders, too. They have been aggressive bodybuilders, does that experience any attraction to you in any respect?

Cassandra Martin: I believe it is the middle I am … Their resolution and the way in which they cross after it within the gymnasium. There is … It is the ambition that is there that you’ll be able to’t in point of fact. I believe that what is admirable about them.

Nick: Greater than the contest.

Cassandra Martin: Greater than the contest. Clearly, they give the impression of being wonderful they usually did wonderful up on degree, however it is simply their mindset within the gymnasium is … Is what I used to be drawn to.

Hunter Martin: Everyone appeals to a definite bodybuilder and you could suppose they’ve the best body ever, however they do not have the medals to move with it. That also doesn’t suggest that they do not encourage you. I have a look at Ronnie Coleman is to me the nice bodybuilder ever, however then I don’t believe he has the best body. There is different individuals who have in point of fact excellent … Flex Wheeler appeared wonderful, however he does not have the Olympias. There is numerous … The inducement and simply that aggression that we connect with, to move in there and be competitive and educate.

Cassandra Martin: And, I pull it from other other folks on-line. I apply powerlifters and I even apply some crossfitters, and bodybuilders after all. There is such a lot of those that I glance to and I am like I need this and I need to relate to them with this and I pull little issues for myself to check out to make the most efficient me or no matter.

Nick: Yeah, I really like that and I really like that you are not pronouncing, I’ve to compete with the intention to really feel like I am carrying out one thing both. We’ve got heard that from a few of our visitors. A few of them are like, I knew from the beginning that I needed to compete it was once simply programmed and different ones are identical to, why would I need to do this to myself? That is the learning is what it is all about.

Cassandra Martin: I need to this perpetually till the day that I die to be truthful, so I simply need with the intention to feel free. I need with the intention to devour no matter I need, after I need and revel in it and with a bit of luck encourage other folks alongside the way in which.

Nick: That is superior.

Heather: That is easiest.

Hunter Martin: Yeah, we first … I imply, I believe whilst you get started out your conception is you cross to the gymnasium, you begin to glance excellent, you need to compete. I imply, there is power in each and every native gymnasium to in the event you get started taking a look excellent, there is at all times any person there pronouncing you want to compete.

Nick: Oh, any person will at all times inform you.

Heather: Anyone’s going to clutch you and say, “Have you ever ever considered status on degree?”

Hunter Martin: It is the similar factor with us. I believe you get started off that manner, however then the extra trained we were given and the extra the whole thing, you more or less be told issues. I used to be like wait a 2d, possibly that isn’t for me. I revel in sure sides of it or you might be now not prepared to do one thing and also you more or less need to make the verdict. I believe for her it isn’t part of it.

Nick: Positive.

Cassandra Martin: No matter we are doing now’s running so. I love to … I like building, however I identical to going to the gymnasium and lifting with all of our buddies and having a bit little bit of pleasant pageant once in a while. That is about it. It is easy and it is amusing. I believe in case you are pleased with what you might be doing that is all that issues.

Nick: So, whilst you come to Bodybuilding.com you’ll do Fb Are living and stuff like that. What are you going to percentage with everyone? What are you doing these days?

Cassandra Martin: I suppose we are simply coaching and stuff. I am not use to the entire speaking factor simply because I by no means do this, in order that’s going to be the largest problem. The learning comes simple for me, however I simply hope I’ve sufficient power to entertain everybody and stuff like that. I believe what we are doing these days is biceps and triceps and we are simply going to take other folks via.

Heather: All of your favorites.

Cassandra Martin: I do know. We stored the ones particularly.

Hunter Martin: Yeah, it is more or less humorous. We will put up even a video for a leg day and it may be even a heavy leg day or a excellent leg day and no one in point of fact … They have noticed 1,000,000 other folks squat, they do not care.

Cassandra Martin: They do not care.

Nick: Proper.

Hunter Martin: You put up a easy video of her performing some biceps curls and it is going viral.

Cassandra Martin: Then it will get such a lot of perspectives too, I am like, what the heck? I glance bored within the video, no matter.

Heather: You have got spectacular fingers. That is what attracts them in.

Hunter Martin: It’s spectacular.

Nick: So, when other folks succeed in out to you is that they are like I need that top. Please inform me learn how to get that top.

Cassandra Martin: I do not even … Neatly, my biceps are other too. I’ve a top on one facet after which now not a top at the different facet, so it is genetics proper. That is …

Hunter Martin: I imply I am the similar philosophy as she’s lifting heavy, it isn’t … It is heavy, however it is reps too. So, it is eight to 10, 12 reps however it isn’t the place you’ll be able to really feel like you’ll be able to cross to 20. She pushes herself that manner too, so I believe it is helped.

Cassandra Martin: Yeah, I elevate rather gentle for biceps, anyhow. I believe like my wrists don’t seem to be sturdy sufficient to improve … I do not know, they are like … It kind of feels adore it hurts after I cross heavier, only for my wrists … Only for biceps for some explanation why. However, the whole thing else I am utterly effective. I put on like several my equipment too, which I do know some individuals are like, you must be squatting and not using a knee wraps or no belt, you must do it uncooked. I am like, I do not care what you assert, as a result of I am seeking to elevate perpetually so I am making an attempt to give protection to my joints, simply in case.

Nick: Completely, what different equipment do you’re feeling like, “I will’t imagine I see other folks lifting with out this.”

Cassandra Martin: I do not in point of fact care if someone else is lifting with it, only for me I simply need to be sure my wrists are secure, my elbows and knees and that’s the reason about it. Then I put on a belt.

Nick: Squat in squat footwear?

Cassandra Martin: My Communicate after which I have been a neck brace after I do … I am simply kidding, you guys are like, what?

Nick: Mouth guard all the way through biceps curls, you understand.

Cassandra Martin: Headgear.

Heather: You were given me for a 2d there.

Nick: I noticed some neck coaching vids. Anyone created a couple of.

Cassandra Martin: I am identical to this. I am simply kidding.

Nick: Neatly, we’re going to put hyperlinks within the podcast web page to the entire stuff that you are doing for Bodybuilding.com. Thank you for popping out and speaking with us. [Editor’s Note: visit Cass Martin on social media: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube]

Cassandra Martin: Thanks such a lot.

Nick: Cassandra Martin and Hunter Martin.

Heather Eastman: Thanks.

Nick Collias: Yeah, completely. Nice to have you ever guys out right here.

The Beauty that Trains Like a Beast | Cassandra Martin Arm Workout

The Attractiveness that Trains Like a Beast | Cassandra Martin Arm Exercise

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