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Podcast Episode #10: Chris Chapman

StrongFirst Podcast Episode #10


On this episode of the StrongFirst Podcast, your host Craig Marker talks with Chris Chapman, Director of Recreation Science at Push. Chris discusses methods to optimize energy on your kettlebell swing with pace founded coaching.

Display Notes

00:49 About Chris Chapman.

01:23 Chris describes how his background in athletic coaching and private coaching developed after assembly his first mentor.

04:52 Chris talks about quantifying motion.

06:25 Chris describes methods to analyze movement and of being conscious that analysis needs to be acceptable.

11:45 Chris offers a handy guide a rough primer on physics phrases—displacement/distance, pace, and acceleration—and the way they relate to the load room.

14:00 Chris talks about deadlifts and Olympic lifts.

16:10 Chris discusses discovering max energy in kettlebell swings. A excellent position to start out could be 50% of your one arm swing RM. A device just like the Push Band offers you precise knowledge and lets you teach for explicit objectives.

20:00 Chris discusses velocity-based coaching and the way it differs from the use of one rep max numbers.

21:50  Chris introduces mechanical ‘paintings’, and what kind of extra ‘paintings’ you’ll do with a kettlebell at a decrease charge of perceived exertion.

25:20 Chris and Craig talk about the speed of power ‘leisure,’ how kettlebell coaching develops this talent.

27:03 Chris promotes the facility to calm down temporarily for someone desiring to switch instructions like athletes on fields.

28:00 Chris explains the Push Band’s use circumstances to measure power, energy, pace, and paintings.

36:00 Chris talks about tech’s function as a supply of extra comments and to validate knowledge. It isn’t a substitute for the basics and excellent training.

38:45 Ultimate ideas.

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