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No-Frills Glute-and-Hamstring Workout With Tanner Hobbs

Celebrity on-line trainer and Signature-sponsored athlete Tanner Hobbs is aware of find out how to knock out a perfect leg exercise anytime, any place. Right here, Hobbs stocks her signature glute-sculpting workout routines to construct and tone the muscular tissues behind her legs.

Those distinctive workout routines goal the best muscular tissues that will help you tone up, carry heavier, and teach tougher. The glutes are in particular vital muscular tissues to expand if you wish to build up your athletic efficiency. So, if you are after “display and pass,” that is the glute-and-ham exercise for you.

This exercise will have to take 45 mins to finish. All you’ll be able to want is a bench, a field, and a couple of dumbbells. Able? Let’s do that!

Tanner Hobbs’ Signature Strikes for Glutes and Hamstrings



Glute Bridge Hamstring Walkout

Carry out the usage of foam curler for stability.

three units, 12-15 reps


Physioball Hip Bridge

Carry out the usage of two weight benches.

three units, 15 reps


Pistol Squat

Carry out status subsequent to squat rack or bench for give a boost to.

three units, Eight reps in line with leg


Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlift

Carry out with rear-foot increased.

three units, Eight-10 reps in line with leg

Method Pointers

Vulnerable Glute Curl

Prone Glute Curl

This can be a nice workout to heat up and paintings your glutes. Lie face-down (inclined) on a mat. Stay your hips pressed into the bottom and squeeze your glutes as you bend your knees and curl your toes as much as shape a 90-degree perspective.

Grasp this place as you squeeze your glutes to raise your knees off the bottom. What makes this a glute curl, Hobbs explains, is that you are the usage of your glutes to boost your legs.

“Stay pushing your pelvis into the bottom,” she says. “Focal point on the usage of your glutes to pressure your knees off the bottom. That is what makes this transfer so efficient.”

Maintaining your knees off the bottom, prolong your legs, then curl them again in. Maintaining your abs tight protects your decrease again.

Foam Curler Leg Curl

Foam Roller Leg Curl

Lie in your again and position your calves on best of a foam curler. Stay your hands by means of your facet as you squeeze your glutes to raise your hips off the bottom. Stay your hips increased as you bend your knees and curl your heels towards your hips, rolling onto the ground of your toes as you accomplish that. Your shoulders, hips, and knees will have to align on the best of the workout. Squeeze your glutes all of the time as you slowly roll back off to the beginning place.

“This workout is a problem, which is why I adore it such a lot,” explains Hobbs. “Keep sluggish and regulated, and stay your hips up the entire time.”

Hip Raise Between Benches

Hip Lift Between Benches

Position your head and shoulders on one bench and stay your knees bent as you set your toes on a field or 2d bench. Your hips will have to be suspended over the distance between the 2. Stay your chin tucked in your chest to offer protection to your again as you decrease your hips down.

Pause on the backside, then squeeze your glutes to boost your hips again to parallel.

“Use complete vary of movement right here,” Hobbs urges. “Come all of the manner down, shedding your hips and stretching your glutes, then pressure up your hips.”

Supported Pistol Squat

Supported Pistol Squat

The pistol squat differs from a single-leg squat in that you simply drop your hips all of the manner down for your heel, fairly than the usual 90-degree knee bend.

“Pistol squats are evil, however in a great way,” laughs Hobbs. “Take a look at protecting on with each fingers to begin, then paintings your solution to simply the usage of one hand. If you are fancy, take a look at no fingers.”

Stand subsequent to a bench or squat rack for give a boost to, grasp on and raise one leg up. Bend the knee of your status leg to decrease your frame. Do not let your heel come off the bottom. Use the give a boost to to stay your weight for your heel and your knee over your ankle. Pause on the backside, then press thru your heel and squeeze your glutes to upward thrust again up.

Rear-Foot-Increased Dumbbell Deadlift

Rear-Foot-Elevated Dumbbell Deadlift

Raising your rear foot on a bench or field gets rid of the want to stability and makes it more uncomplicated to accomplish a single-leg deadlift. Grasp a dumbbell in each and every hand, or one heavy dumbbell in each fingers, and hinge on the hip of your status leg as you decrease your frame to parallel.

“End robust,” says Hobbs. “Stay your knee over your ankle, weight at the heel, and chest top. Be sure to pass complete vary as you decrease your self down.”

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