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Massage Your Way to Better Mobility and Recovery

TimTam Massager Collage


The TimTam adjustable and rechargable top energy massager appears extra like one thing you possibly can in finding at a ironmongery shop reasonably than at a spa. It has a fast velocity pulse that has made one of the crucial hardest knots in my athletes unravel simply and briefly, leaving them extra time to coach. This massager is designed to alleviate ache, build up flow, and unencumber saved lactic acid. I used it all over my take a look at classes and it did successfully relieve ache whilst it felt as though it was once expanding flow. So far as its talent to get a divorce lactic acid, this is tricky to measure, however the reduced sensitivity to ache whilst the use of the massager might be counsel that this is occurring, too.



The TimTam Massager is not like another massager I’ve used so far as effectiveness inside of a brief time period. I imagine it has to do with the top energy pulsing velocity that is helping relieve  rigidity in seconds. This was once by means of some distance the most well liked TimTam product my athletes attempted.


Further TimTam Choices: The Pulse and the Curler

The TimTam Pulse is that this corporate’s model of a TENS unit (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation). Outdoor of the recognized advantages of the use of a TENS unit, this product was once in particular interesting to my athletes and myself. Some options of the Pulse are:


  • It’s wi-fi and is speedy to use—no cords to get tangled.
  • This is a unmarried stick on pad making it simple to use to your self with out the help of any person else.
  • It runs by the use of an app to your smartphone making it handy since maximum people have our telephones obtainable always.


The Pulse app is terribly user-friendly (even for the tech-challenged other people like myself).

As soon as synced up, you make a choice from six other pulse varieties, which muscle teams you wish to have to regard, and depth degree choices (1-10). Then all you do is ready an in-app timer, sit down again, and let it do the paintings. I in finding myself the use of this TENS a lot more than different gadgets I’ve used up to now basically as a result of it’s simple and speedy to arrange, and I will be able to do all of it by myself. 


The TimTam Vibrating Foam Curler is precisely what it seems like. This is a foam curler with 4 other vibration settings. My athletes basically used this on their decrease frame previous to coaching and located that it supplies a mix of tissue paintings whilst warming up the muscular tissues throughout the vibrations of the curler. Additionally they reported that it felt more practical than the typical foam curler because of the higher blood go with the flow brought about by means of the vibrations.


TimTam Roller


Product Rankings

My scores have been generated by means of the typical rating in line with comments from 25-35 athletes that used the goods for 30-45 days (1 = deficient, 10 = very good).


TimTam Massager ($399)

  • Recognition/Utilization – 10
  • Effectiveness – eight.five
  • Ease of Use – nine


Pulse (TENS) ($199)

  • Recognition/Utilization – eight
  • Effectiveness – eight
  • Ease of Use – eight


Vibrating Curler ($149)

  • Recognition/Utilization – 6
  • Effectiveness – 6
  • Ease of Use – nine

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