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Mass-Gaining Tips From A 270-Pound Monster

Who says you’ll be able to’t be a mass monster and nonetheless seem like a health fashion? Ryan Kurek proves that it is not anything greater than an outdated bodybuilding fantasy.

The 6-foot-Three-inch MuscleTech logo ambassador, private teacher, and ironworker Kurek has expertly sculpted his 271 kilos of lean, dense mass into a classy, balanced body during which no muscle crew overpowers any other.

Kurek began lifting on the age of 16 to enhance himself in opposition to highschool bullies. “I used to be more than likely 160, drenched, then,” he recollects. He began lifting and not stopped.

“I have been soaring round 270 since overdue fall of 2017,” Kurek says. “After I flip 40 in ten years, I might like to be ripped-and-zipped at 300, however I do know that is pushing it. Realistically, I am aiming for 280, reduce, over the following couple of years.”

In contrast to a few of his friends, the Buffalo, New York, resident has discovered meticulous dietary way—during which you weigh each and every morsel and depend each and every calorie—is not important to make really extensive growth. As an alternative, he sums up his plan in 4 phrases—”Devour heavy, elevate heavy”—and breaks it down into six laws.

Rule 1: Construct Your Meal Plan Round Your Time table

Surroundings structural metal in position on business building websites right through night and overdue shifts, Kurek does not at all times have time for meticulously deliberate foods. Whilst a few of his meal possible choices are not very best, they do meet the caloric and dietary calls for of an overly bodily task.

“I have realized to satisfy my power wishes through opting for heavy complicated carbs, just right fat, and entire proteins,” he says.

Mass Gaining Tips From a 207 lb Monster

His favourite protein supply is purple meat, along side entire eggs, marinated hen, and lunchmeats, together with turkey, roast pork, and ham—infrequently slapped between two slices of P28 Prime Protein bread.

He will get maximum of his carbs from white potatoes, the usage of immediate mashed potatoes at paintings. His vitamin additionally contains bananas, Granny Smith apples, and Campbell’s Chunky canned soup.

“Now and again I’m going to open a can of soup and slam it down chilly. It takes me about 30 seconds to complete a complete can,” he says. “The chilly does not trouble me…a lot. I really like bread, too—anything else from P28 to Italian white to sourdough.”

Rule 2: Devour a Lot—However Stay the Junk Meals Inside Reason why

“In case you are looking to bulk, consume heavy, however be sensible about it,” Kurek says.

Kurek errs at the facet of unpolluted meals, however will veer off the trail to care for his sanity when his consuming plan will get monotonous.

“I come with cheat foods in my plans, despite the fact that I do not typically time table them,” he says. I finally end up dishonest two or thrice every week with pizza or anything else deep-fried. I attempt to keep away from sugar, however I really like chocolate.”

The important thing, he says, is moderation and timing: Have simply sufficient to quash the yearning, and keep away from loading up on cheat meals earlier than mattress.

Mass Gaining Tips From a 270 lb Monster

Rule Three: Divide to Overcome

As an alternative of proscribing your self to the standard breakfast-lunch-dinner mealtime mantra, consume each and every 2-Three hours.

“I moderate 3 larger foods in step with day, however I even have Four-6 smaller ones in between, or every time I will sneak in a chunk at paintings,” Kurek says. “It is particularly vital to have a just right provide of fast-acting carbs post-workout. I typically opt for Gatorade, dextrose, MuscleTech’s Cellular-Tech, or perhaps a Mountain Dew. You will have to actually have a forged mass gainer powder available to make shakes. Those gainers paintings wonders while you use them proper. MassTech Excessive 2000 triple-chocolate brownie taste is my go-to product!”

Rule Four: Ditch the Scale and Meals Log

In case you are looking to reduce weight, each and every calorie issues. In mass-gain mode, the macronutrient equation is not just about as complicated. You do not wish to weigh meals parts or write down the entirety you consume, Kurek says. You simply wish to consume!

Kurek says it is at all times been exhausting for him so as to add measurement to his body. As a troublesome gainer, he makes a speciality of consuming a whole lot of blank meals, gauging how a lot he must consume through what he sees within the replicate and at the scale.

He believes bulking is beautiful easy. “Devour. And in case you are now not hungry, get hungry,” he says. “You will not develop with out meals.”

Rule five: Elevate Constantly and With Objective

“I elevate earlier than each and every paintings shift,” Kurek says. “Even supposing my task is bodily difficult, the temper enhancement and metabolic spice up I am getting from a forged 60-90 mins of significant gymnasium time earlier than paintings is greater than well worth the effort. Leg day is the one fight as a result of I already quilt 15-20 miles an afternoon round my paintings website online.”

In his off season, Kurek has no set days for chest, again, legs, or shoulders.

“I simply attempt to hit each and every main frame phase as soon as every week, then relaxation it 5 days earlier than hitting it once more,” he says.

Mass Gaining Tips From a 270 lbs Monster

The important thing, he is discovered, is to verify he will get the educational in—however to not teach such a lot or so exhausting that it turns into counterproductive.

“Some days, I am too spent from my task the night time earlier than to hit the gymnasium tomorrow,” he says. “A more youthful me would get all labored up about skipping a consultation, however this present day, I pay attention to my frame. If I will’t elevate on a Tuesday, I’m going to get to mattress early, upward push and grind thru a Wednesday, and hammer it out Wednesday night time.”

Kurek’s classes encompass various tactics and set-and-rep schemes.

“My first few lifts at all times contain near-max poundage and Four-6 reps in step with set, whether or not it is on presses, deadlifts, or a leg transfer,” he says. “Dropsets and supersets have labored wonders for me, too. You’ll be able to tear your fibers all you wish to have lifting heavy weight, however I achieve a ton on account of the larger blood drift from the pump.”

Rule 6: At all times Be Open to New Tips

“I was too cussed to take recommendation and attempted to reinvent the wheel as an alternative,” Kurek admits. “At the moment, when extra skilled—and particularly better—lifters give me guidelines, I attempt to put my ego apart and be aware of what they are announcing. I have realized to pay attention, and it is helped me immensely.”

However, you’ll be able to’t simply blindly practice somebody else’s coaching program.

“If you’ll make investments the time and effort to beef up your self each bodily and mentally, take the same quantity to be informed what works right for you. Self-knowledge is energy,” Kurek says.

Kurek says Bodybuilding.com has been his highest supply for brand spanking new concepts through the years.

“Bodybuilding.com is my meathead bible,” he laughs. “We are fortunate to are living in a time when assets like this are so readily to be had.”

Ryan Kurek’s Standard Day by day Mass-Construction Vitamin

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech

(60 g powder combined with water)

1 shake


(medium to huge)



24 ounces.

MuscleTech Transparent Muscle

Four caps


(Campbell’s Chunky Hen Noodle Soup)

1 can

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech

(60 g powder combined with water)

1 shake

Scrambled Eggs





MuscleTech Transparent Muscle

Four caps


(or ham, or roast pork)

1 lb.

Floor Red meat

1 lb.

Mashed Potatoes

(white or candy)

1/2 lb.

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold

(60 g powder combined with water)

1 shake



12 ounces.

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Casein Gold

1 shake

MuscleTech Transparent Muscle

Four caps

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