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It’s Time For Leg Day And A History Lesson!

The Arnold Strongman Vintage is speedy turning into a marquee tournament at the once a year Arnold Sports activities Pageant in Columbus, Ohio, every March. However in the back of the brilliant lighting fixtures of this fight of the monsters, a extra low-key however similarly spectacular tournament takes position every year: The Rogue Report Breakers, which lasts simply 90 mins on Sunday.

This 12 months, probably the most distinctive carry on the tournament shall be undertaken via Latvian-American strongman Martins Licis, who will try to spoil a just about 100-year-old file on a singular carry you’ve got most probably by no means attempted: the Steinborn squat. To accomplish a Steinborn squat, you first stand a loaded barbell on its aspect, then tip it over onto your shoulders, going at once into the ground squat place.

Simple? Uh, nope. However as Licis wrote on Instagram after doing a very simple rep with 500 kilos within the Rogue manufacturing unit in Columbus, “This in reality looks like yoga, it is superb.” On Sunday, Licis will try to spoil Milo Steinborn’s 550-pound squat file from all of the long ago in 1920. Judging via how simple 500 seemed, I would not wager towards him.

Need to be told extra about Steinborn, his squat, and concerning the historical past of squatting usually? Watch our Historical past of the Squat video from the Squat Each Day Four-Week Muscle-Development Instructor on Bodybuilding.com All Get right of entry to.

If that makes you need to move a-Steinborning…do not. As a substitute, set your individual usual of power on this squat-and-chest regimen from Day 1 of Squat Each Day.


Barbell Complete Squat

Shut-stance, no belt. Eight-10 units.

10 units, 10,10,five,five,three,three,three,1,1,1 reps



three units. Relaxation as low as conceivable between units.


Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip

1 set, 30 gentle reps (warm-up)

Four units, 12,10,Eight,6 reps

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