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Improve Your Technique to Prevent Combat Sport Injuries

Muay Thai sparring


Muay Thai a martial artwork that sits at two other ends of the spectrum. To observe a competition are living, as a lover of the sport, it’s stunning and breathtaking. However whilst you’re the only within the warmth of struggle it may be brutal.



Through the years of coaching and having the chance to have over 50 skilled fights, l were fortunate to not ever ruin my nostril and feature handiest ever skilled a handful of black eyes, no longer that I’m complaining.


This present day, at the novice facet of items, competition put on complete frame coverage, head and chest guards, in addition to shin and elbow pads, which ultimately come off for competition as they climb the ranks. The day after a struggle is hard, a cork in each muscle, a foot and ankle as swollen as a soccer, a fats lip, and the wish to make groaning noises when sitting down, status up, or even seeking to sleep, are all par for the route.


Regardless that coaching is completed in a secure and regulated setting the place the one kicks and punches thrown at 100% are achieved at the punching bag and your instructor’s pads, there may be nonetheless the opportunity of a complete vary of colourful new accidents you’ve got most definitely by no means skilled previous to coaching.


It doesn’t matter what your degree of experience, the control of accidents will have to be on the best of your precedence checklist. Frequency of coaching periods will have to be the largest center of attention for the reason that repetition of latest talents is what is going to lend a hand them sink in in your Muay Thai repertoire.


In my enjoy, if you don’t correctly deal with and organize your accidents they’re going to lead to extra problems for you someday. The next checklist main points the wounds which can be essentially the most continuously skilled by means of practitioners of Muay Thai. 


Bruised Shins

For myself and hundreds of others getting began in Muay Thai again within the day, our first have a look at (what Hollywood advised us) original coaching in Thailand appeared like used to be the well-known scene from the film “Kickboxer” the place Jean Claude Van Damme used to be advised to kick via a palm tree together with his naked shin. Regardless that we don’t incorporate the ones coaching strategies at Bailey Health, the insanity in the back of the Hollywood strategies has slightly of fact to it.


The shins are our major type of assault and protection and can, undoubtedly, be sore. The most typical type of attacking your opponent is the roundhouse kick. As well as, blocking off a kick is composed of checking together with your shin.


The principle distinction between the Muay Thai spherical kick and different martial arts is using the shin bone making touch and the observe via. The Muay Thai spherical kick is just like the force in golfing slightly than a chip shot that forestalls at its goal—say, it’s the house run swing in baseball slightly than the bunt. The kick is set energy and observe via to verify most harm.


It’s secure to mention that even when you’re doing pad paintings together with your instructor you can get a couple of lumps and bumps till you’re a bit extra conditioned. If you find yourself drilling kicks at the heavy bag, you’ll kick together with your shins additionally. It’s unimaginable to flee creating bruises for your shins all through your coaching, however it’ll get well.


Through the years, your shins will turn out to be conditioned, and there’s no fast solution to this, I am sorry to mention. I’ve attempted each trick within the ebook, however on the finish of the day constant coaching solves maximum problems with delicate shins.


If all else fails, and bruised shins start to have an affect for your coaching, use the RICER approach (relaxation, ice, compression, elevation, and a referral to a physician, if wanted).


Stiff Neck

To the untrained eye the principle distinction between Muay Thai and its a lot more youthful American cousin, kickboxing, is using the clinch. Clinching is the hardest ability to grasp within the artwork of Muay Thai and calls for time to be devoted to it on a daily basis.


Clinching is a type of rise up wrestling the place the purpose of the sport is ready up knee and elbow moves or throwing your opponent to the canvas. The rationale it’s so tricky is for the reason that frame to frame nature of clinching calls for no longer handiest energy and ability, but in addition center.


Image this, you’re drained and sweaty from a difficult consultation and now your coaching spouse appears to be throwing you to the bottom, so much. Will you tricky it out and take a look at your toughest or will you surrender? 


When you’re studying to clinch, your neck goes to be extraordinarily sore and stiff. As with the shins, there may be in point of fact no strategy to save you this from going on. Having somebody pull down for your neck often goes to pressure your muscle groups. Be sure you stretch your neck, shoulders, and again sooner than each clinching consultation. 


There’s no fast strategy to situation your neck—it takes steady observe and publicity to the workout. After a couple of periods you’ll start to realize that your neck and shoulder muscle groups shall be much less delicate and stiff and shall be ready to resist the grind this is clinch paintings.


Muay Thai sparring


Bruised Thighs

A corked muscle needs to be some of the worst accidents out of this checklist. The principle explanation why you get a corked thigh is since you didn’t test (block) a low kick. All kicks will have to be checked with the affect of your opponent’s kick touchdown for your shin bone. Even supposing that sounds horrible, I’d take a kick within the shin over a difficult kick to the thigh.


I desire the kick within the shin for 2 causes. Initially, we already know that once our fighters makes an attempt to kick us they use their shin, so now we have that wisdom to our benefit to dam the kick and set a counter assault. Secondly, if that onerous, bony shin lands flush into my great, cushy, delicate thigh it will harm immediately—one thing I might love to keep away from if in any respect conceivable.


If it occurs a pair extra instances I will be able to begin to lose mobility and turn out to be a sitting duck for extra leg kicks. In a certified struggle I all the time love to depend what number of leg kicks I’ve landed within the first spherical or so. My function is to all the time to land 10 leg kicks as briefly as conceivable as it considerably slows my fighters down, if no longer ends the struggle.


A just right collection of leg kicks is just like the “reward that assists in keeping on giving” for the reason that impact will also be felt each time somebody walks up stairs or makes use of the bathroom for roughly per week. Out of the hoop sparring with somebody who can ship forged leg kicks, even whilst dressed in protecting shin guards, will completely depart you with a couple of painful bruises.


The silver lining with this damage is that you’ll be able to save you it, more often than not. Focal point on refining your response instances and use this as a possibility to adapt your method by means of studying to test, or transfer again, and counter assault. The other to taking the kick within the thigh is to get that shin up in time to dam it.


Shin on shin would possibly harm slightly, however imagine me after a couple of forged assessments to the shin it’ll make your opponent think carefully about throwing leg kicks your method as a result of they’re going to really feel the ache of the test, too.


Within the period in-between, let RICER be your very best good friend straight away after coaching and simply keep in mind that ache serves as a reminder to right kind your errors and paintings in opposition to being elusive


Bruised Ribs

The feared rib damage. Those have a tendency to be a “annually” form of damage, fortunately (or unluckily). Rib accidents will also be led to by means of kicks or knees to the ribs both all through clinching or sparring. The issue with rib accidents is that you’ll’t in point of fact do an excessive amount of with them to help restoration. In case your ribs ruin you’ll’t put them in a solid and if you happen to bruise the intercostals (the muscle groups between the ribs) then be warned—the therapeutic procedure will take much more time.


A just right rib damage will also be there for a few months and, simply whilst you assume you’re previous it, a random sneeze or humorous punch line will hit you proper within the website online of the damage. As I only in the near past discussed, the ache we really feel shall be our very best trainer and, through the years, your frame will turn out to be extra resilient to those moves. Till this kind of time, learn how to correctly protect or evade those assaults by means of operating for your method.


Sprained Ankle or Foot (or Each)

In the event you assume kicking a shin is unhealthy wait till you by chance kick your opponent of their elbow all through sparring. That is my speciality—for some abnormal explanation why I’m drawn to kicking elbows like a moth to a flame.


If we’re sparring and you’ve got an elbow, chances are high that just right I’m going to kick it time and again unintentionally and within the procedure support my limp. Regardless that it might get a little bit bit sore on the time, it’s the kind of annoyance that you’ll handle and stay on grinding your method via a coaching consultation.


The issue is, if no longer iced straight away after coaching, you’re going to really feel it within the morning. For me, it’s all the time the primary Four-6 steps of the day. Getting off the bed after sparring day, for me, is like re-enacting the moon touchdown, in moderation decreasing every step like the person at the moon till the previous ankle joints heat up a little bit. Be sure you ice the realm and use liniment.


Strengthen Your Approach to Keep away from Damage

Even supposing injuries do occur, you will have to center of attention on studying tips on how to keep away from taking pictures in those spaces. Be sure you have a just right high quality pair of shin pads for sparring and use anklets for slightly of additional make stronger and padding. In case your ankle is significantly injured it’s a good suggestion to relaxation for a consultation or two as a result of coaching on accidents would possibly purpose extra issues someday. 


So there now we have it—a little bit checklist about the commonest accidents related to Muay Thai sparring. The toughest phase about any fight game is that it’ll harm slightly it doesn’t matter what you do. On the finish of the day the entire center of attention of the game is to kick and punch other people and, sadly, whilst you attempt to kick and punch somebody they are attempting and do it again to you.


Accidents and bruises do occur they usually appear to occur extra continuously early to your martial arts coaching adventure. Hold in there. With progressed ability and consciousness comes keep watch over, and with constant coaching comes energy and conditioning.


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