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Gym Leg Workout For Women

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Gym leg workout specifically for women to shape quads, hamstrings, and glutes! Don't miss this one from Tone-and-Tighten.com
Listed below are the workout routines that we can be doing for this fitness center leg exercise:

1. Barbell Squats
2. Hamstring Curls
three. Cable Kick-backs
four. Bulgarian Break up Squats
Five. Barbell Immediately-Legged Deadlifts
6. Smith Device Donkey Kicks

Scroll down for image and video instruction of each and every transfer!

Women – should you’re anything else like my spouse you’re all about shapely legs and a completely spherical booty.

Infrequently understanding on the fitness center may also be tremendous intimidating – particularly while you don’t seem to be precisely certain what to do.

Through the years we’ve got tweaked issues a bit of to return to what she feels to be the largest burn for her time.

Introducing an all-new fitness center leg exercise this is certain to tone and tighten all of the proper issues in all of the proper puts!

This can be a nice exercise for women and men.

In case you are seeking to tone your frame, including weights is the BEST and FASTEST approach to try this.

Regardless of what you might imagine, girls won’t bulk up through lifting weights, however as an alternative construct lean muscle. I’ve an editorial I wrote all about it HERE.

No longer handiest will the use of weights come up with larger power, but additionally muscle definition and curves that can make you extra toned and tightened.

The use of weights gives you severe effects that aerobic on my own can’t.

Are you able to drop extra pounds through lifting weights? YES!

Lifting weights now not handiest burns energy and fats, but additionally tones and builds muscle. Whilst you mix power coaching with aerobic, your frame turns into a weight reduction device.

I like to recommend power coaching thrice per week and aerobic job 2 occasions per week.

As an example, power coaching Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 60 mins each and every time and aerobic Tuesday and Thursday for 20-30 mins.

Blending aerobic and power coaching gives you speedy effects, when paired with the proper vitamin.

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For this exercise we’ll be specializing in 3 of the primary muscle teams to your legs – your quads, your hamstrings, and your glutes.

We’ll do one of the crucial most efficient workout routines to form tight, toned muscle in those spaces and mean you can see the positive aspects you’ve at all times desired.

We will be able to do 6 workout routines general, damaged into 2 circuits of three workout routines each and every.

Carry out all workout routines in circuit A previous to shifting directly to circuit B.


Get started with a Five-10 minute warm-up.
Listed below are some concepts of how to warm-up on the fitness center sooner than this exercise:
-Jog at the treadmill
-Rowing device
-Prone stroll at the treadmill (put it at the absolute best incline)
-Desk bound bicycle


Circuit A

1. Barbell Squats
– this transfer works your quads and glutes. Unfold your legs somewhat wider than your knees/hips for some inside thigh paintings as smartly!
10 Reps (after which directly to Workout 2 – Inclined hamstring curls)
2. Inclined Hamstring Curl – this transfer will paintings your hamstrings to outline the again of your legs and spherical them out.
prone hamstring curl
10 Reps (after which directly to Workout three – Cable kick backs)
three. Cable Kick-Backs – This transfer works your glutes. Stay your leg locked out and specializing in smashing your glute all through the entire movement.
cable kickback
10 Reps (after which again to Workout 1 – Barbell squats)
Repeat Circuit A 3 times after which transfer directly to Circuit B
Circuit B

1. Bulgarian Break up Squat
– This transfer works each your glutes and your quads. Raise your leg recreation through raising your again leg throughout this lunge/squat movement.
bulgarian split squat

10 Reps
(after which directly to Workout 2 – Barbell Immediately-Legged Useless Carry)

2. Barbell Immediately-Legged Useless Carry – This transfer works your hamstrings and glutes. Focal point on conserving your again immediately and use your hamstrings and glutes to tug you upright.
straight leg deadlift
10 Reps (after which directly to Workout three – Smith Device Donkey Kicks)

three. Smith Device Donkey Kicks – This one goes to paintings your glutes. Use your glutes to push the bar upward.
smith machine donkey kicks
10 Reps (after which again to Workout 1 – Bulgarian Break up Squat)

Repeat Circuit B 3 times.

You completely nailed it!
That is one among my spouse’s favourite leg exercises within the fitness center. No longer handiest has she gotten so much more potent, however I’ll vouch for the consequences!
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Make it occur,
Gym leg workout specifically for women to shape quads, hamstrings, and glutes! Don't miss this one from Tone-and-Tighten.com

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