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Cassie Mason’s Badass Leg Workout

Cassie “Badass Cass” Mason treats her legs the best way different lifters deal with their higher our bodies.

“Your palms are typically getting 3 days every week, so why would not you place as a lot time into your legs?” she asks.

To kick her butt (and quads and hams) into form, and to stay her 1.four million Instagram fans glad, Mason regularly plays a weekly complete quad-focused day and a complete hamstring-focused day—either one of them heavy—adopted by means of a complete glute-focused completing day of lighter, accent paintings.

No longer slightly in a position for 3 hard-and-heavy lower-body blasts? Get started by means of no less than having a few high quality all-around leg workout routines each and every week. This regimen exercise from Mason hits each and every lower-body muscle crew—demanding. It may be carried out as one element of your two or three-pronged leg assault, or it’s good to do it two times every week and phone it just right.

For this exercise, Mason does five units of six workouts for Eight-12 reps in keeping with set, going close to failure at the closing set of each and every workout. Inside of the ones five units, she will increase the load 2-Three times—even though it is positive so that you can stay the load constant the primary time you carry out it. Her relaxation classes are at all times saved to a minimal (30 seconds to a minute) to stay her middle price up. When she is going heavier, she rests longer, however now not by means of a lot. Push your self!

Cassie Mason’s Badass Leg Exercise

Methodology Keys

Pulsing Smith System Squat

For this workout, Mason does a somewhat wider than shoulder-width squat, going all of the approach down, then coming best midway up once more—or “pulsing”—ahead of returning down. Then, she rises to complete extension. She repeats the heart beat with each and every rep, producing a major burn within the quads and glutes.

Smith Machine Squat

Leg Press

Carry out the leg press with toes shoulder-width aside and a knees-to-chest reducing. This stance is perfect for activating the best quantity of general leg musculature imaginable, and the overall reducing makes certain the posterior muscle tissue get hit simply as demanding because the quads. Simply do not decrease to this point that your decrease again comes off the pad.

Aspect Lunge

Mason does her aspect lunges with gentle weight on her shoulders, getting low however preserving just right posture, with an upward head and chest. Those are nice the use of simply your physique weight, too.

Double Strolling Lunge

The double strolling lunge is some other pulsing workout. Keep on with gentle weights and stay your shape strict. Those are burners and not using a weight in any respect! After you step ahead with each and every rep, upward push about midway ahead of urgent thru your entrance heel as much as complete extension. Then, repeat with the other leg.  Caution: Those will make you critically sore!

Walking lunge

Smith System Step-up

Position a solid step at a peak the place your entrance leg is bent to round 90 levels whilst stepping on it. Then, step up firmly thru your entrance heel. Even with gentle weight, that is a terrific workout that calls for loads of booty paintings with out striking rigidity at the again.

Pulsing Leg Extension

Get in a position for but some other pulsing workout to burn out your quads. A complete repetition contains one extension plus one part extension. When that closing rep is finished, you’ll be, too.

For extra workout routines like this, take a look at Badass Cass on Instagram and YouTube.

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