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An Honest Workout By The Late, Great Vince Gironda

The past due Vince Gironda, affectionately referred to as “The Iron Guru,” evolved approaches to hypertrophy which are nonetheless getting used 60-plus years after he evolved them. In an generation that stretched from the 1940s to the 1990s, Gironda was once neatly referred to as a qualified bodybuilder, creator, and proprietor of Vince’s Fitness center on Ventura Side road in Studio Town, California. He coated a large number of territory in his existence, espousing many unorthodox coaching and dietary concepts that looked as if it would have compatibility his colourful character.

Athletes who educated at Gironda’s famed gymnasium incorporated Franco Columbu, Dave Draper, Clint Eastwood, Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Scott, and Lou Ferrigno. It’s not overstatement to mention that Gironda, who died in 1997, helped affect the educational philosophy of the bodybuilding global’s similar of Mt. Rushmore.  

His 8×8 machine is still one of the crucial unorthodox—and maximum difficult—approaches available in the market. In case you are in a position for some critical hypertrophy—at the side of fats loss—get ready your self for Four-6 weeks of hell.

The Crushingly “Fair” Exercise

Gironda referred to his 8×8 machine as “truthful” as a result of you will be doing a decent day’s paintings within the gymnasium: eight units of eight reps with only a 30-second smash between units. This exercise has been identified to convey trainees to their knees—even if they are the use of pygmy weights—as a result of this guy’s ruthlessly efficient machine.

The 8×8 has been used for more than a few body-part splits. Essentially the most spectacular effects have come from doing full-body routines 2-Thrice per week for Four-6 weeks. For highest effects, combine compound actions with single-joint actions, beginning your weights at roughly 40-50 % of your one-repetition most, then shifting up—or down—as required to problem your self whilst keeping up strict shape.

The 8x8 has been used for various body-part splits.

When you have just right muscle staying power, you could possibly use extra weight. Your objective is to complete all eight units. In the event you run out of gasoline towards the tip, cut back the load so that you could constantly hit all eight reps of all eight units—with out taking greater than 30 seconds between units—and whilst keeping up shape!

A Vince Gironda 8×8-Taste Exercise



Aspect Lateral Carry

Carry out by means of gripping desk bound construction with one hand and leaning clear of construction to boost your arm

eight units, eight reps


Leverage Incline Chest Press

eight units, eight reps


Decline Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Carry out whilst mendacity on flooring, permit dumbbell to leisure momentarily on flooring prior to lifting it once more

eight units, eight reps



Barbell Curl

Use fats bar or fats grip, if to be had

eight units, eight reps

To alter the stimulation and supply for extra enlargement, each physiologically and psychologically, transfer up your regimen now and again the use of those exchange workout routines:

  • Legs: weighted sissy squat, leg press, seated leg curl, cable deadlift, squat
  • Chest: barbell incline bench press, dip, cable cross-over, gadget bench press
  • Again: seated cable row, pull-up, dumbbell incline row, straight-arm pull-down
  • Shoulders: gadget shoulder press, cable rear delt fly, gadget lateral lift, dumbbell mendacity rear lateral lift
  • Triceps: kneeling cable triceps extension, triceps push-down, Smith gadget close-grip bench press
  • Biceps: incline dumbbell curl, Zottman curl, gadget biceps curl, hammer curl

Center of attention on Very best Shape, No longer Large Weights

Be ready to your middle fee to be speeded up for all the exercise. If you have not executed a lot high-volume coaching, and you could have discovered your vitamin, this exercise can ignite some critical muscle hypertrophy. The 8×8 is period coaching “on steroids,” and it is going to ramp up your metabolism that will help you reach unbelievable fat-loss advantages.

With any more or less coaching, it is helping to grasp what you might be hoping to reach. Right here, the target is to get a skin-splitting pump whilst expanding your degree of conditioning. The objective is to raise as a lot weight as imaginable inside the given parameters. As you’re employed your method throughout the regimen, you will have to have the ability to build up your conditioning and the quantity of weight you utilize. Once 50 % of your max turns into regimen, bump it as much as 65 %!

With any kind of training, it helps to know what you are hoping to achieve.

On the identical time, be ready to decrease the load if wanted; it may not be the tip of the arena. With Gironda’s regimen, technical failure is failure. Use no matter weight is helping you execute safely and with nice shape. Vince was once a stickler when it got here to correct shape, so you want to be one too—to your personal coverage.

Workouts to Steer clear of in Your 8×8 Regimen

There are a selection of workout routines you will have to steer clear of whilst the use of the 8×8 machine. This isn’t to mention you will have to steer clear of them utterly—simply on this context.

Entrance squat: It is a nice workout for a high-intensity, lower-volume segment. Right here, even though, quantity is king, and your rhomboids will fatigue isometrically lengthy prior to your thighs.

Grip-limiting workout routines: On any workout, if grip limits you, put on straps. In the event you don’t have straps, steer clear of the workout until your function is concentrated on forearms, grip, or each.

Bulky workout routines: Any workout that could be a ache within the ass to arrange (e.g., heavy dumbbell presses or walking-out squats) is a no-go.

Technically complicated lifts: Workouts equivalent to Olympic lifts are 100-percent out! The rest technically complicated raises the chance of damage and reduces the paintings of the centered muscle.

Deadlifts, bent-over rows, just right mornings: Those are superior workout routines, however doing them when fatigued will increase the chance for lower-back accidents.

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