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Abel Albonetti’s Killer Upper-Chest Workout 

Like every seasoned lifters, MuscleTech-sponsored athlete and Workforce Bodybuilding.com athlete Abel Albonetti is aware of that what is going on within the health club is simplest a part of getting your positive aspects.

“You pass to the health club, you tear down muscle, and you then handle your diet,” he says. “That is the way you rebuild muscle to make your pecs larger.”

Having stated that, Albonetti does the whole thing he can to make his exercise really feel two times as laborious because it must. Will have to be all the ones inclines, dropsets, and supersets. He begins this killer exercise with some bitchin’ benches, and he does not let up.

Abel Albonetti’s Killer Higher-Chest Exercise


Barbell Incline Bench Press Medium-Grip

five units, 2-Four reps


Four units, 10-12 reps

1 set (double dropset)


Four units, 10 reps (in keeping with arm)

Methodology Guidelines

Barbell incline bench press

Albonetti begins this exercise heavy—very heavy. He makes use of a medium-width grip. Intention for a weight you’ll be able to use to do 2-Four blank reps. Give your frame a minute to recuperate after every set, then return and hit it heavy once more.


Incline dumbbell press

Loosen up the load for those presses as a result of your reps building up to 10-12. Get your first Four units in, then make the 5th set your double dropset. This is how: Do as many reps as you’ll be able to with the load you could have been the usage of. If you hit failure, drop the load about 25 %, pass to failure, then drop it every other 25 % and pass to failure.

You might be now 25 % during the exercise, however it most likely appears like you might be completed.

Dumbbell press

Leverage incline chest press

Do that press one arm at a time. Stay one arm prolonged as you do 10 reps with the opposite arm, then transfer aspects. As you decrease the load, focal point on giving that arm a excellent stretch ahead of pushing once more. In the meantime, stay rigidity at the % at the reverse facet of your chest—the % that is retaining your prolonged arm in position. Stay rigidity in that arm for all 10 reps as you let that different arm pass down, stretch, then press up.

Leverage incline chest press

Superset: barbell incline bench press and incline dumbbell fly

Albonetti does his incline bench presses the usage of a back-row system, which we could him get his palms very shut in combination to paintings his pecs just a little tougher. When you’ve got get right of entry to to this system, squeeze that bar as laborious as you’ll be able to and raise instantly up. If you do not, do incline bench presses or, if it is to be had, use a landmine. In the event you use a barbell, position your palms shoulder-width aside. In the event you use a landmine, squeeze laborious to paintings the ones pecs.

While you end every set of bench presses, continue instantly to the incline flyes.

When you finish each set of bench presses, proceed immediately to the incline flyes.

Large set: cable cross-over, status cable chest press, and push-up with ft increased

This massive set is all about failure—in an effective way. Take cable cross-overs to failure, then instantly transfer to status chest presses and do them to failure as smartly. Once more, with out hesitation, raise your ft up on a bench and do push-u.s.to failure. That is one massive set.

Giant set: cable cross-over, standing cable chest press, and push-up with feet elevated

After your final push-up, relaxation 45 seconds. Then, do every other massive set. Proceed alternating giants units and 45 seconds of relaxation till you’ve finished a complete of seven massive units.

If you’ll be able to get your frame up off the ground for that 7th set of push-ups, you are a badass.

If you can get your body up off the floor for that seventh set of push-ups, you're a badass.

Do that exercise as soon as every week to construct that thick, extensive chest that’ll have you ever visiting the forte blouse store ahead of you realize it. To do the similar factor for the remainder of your higher frame, take a look at Albonetti’s “Tremendous-Pump Arm Exercise,” his “Shoulder Exercise That Overcomes Any Coaching Plateau,” and his “Final Again Exercise” on Bodybuilding.com.

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