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3 Common Dumbbell Exercise Mistakes – And How To Fix Them

Do you ever query when you’re appearing sure workout routines appropriately? As of late I’m taking you thru 3 dumbbell workout routines that I see carried out incorrectly the most-often. We’ll discuss what they’re, why you may well be doing them mistaken, and what you’ll do to mend this drawback.

3 of the most common dumbbell exercise mistakes - and what you can do to fix them!

As an avid gym-goer, I see numerous other people appearing numerous workout routines on a regular basis.

As a bodily therapist who occurs to additionally paintings in a fitness center, I additionally see numerous other people appearing workout routines incorrectly.

Now appearing reps incorrectly no longer most effective hurts the positive aspects you’re so desperately chasing, it additionally will increase your susceptibility to damage.

Due to this fact  – it’s essential that whilst you carry out your workout routines you do them appropriately with excellent shape!

That’s why lately I sought after to percentage with you 3 higher physique workout routines that I see carried out incorrectly ALL THE TIME. We’ll discuss what they’re, what’s no longer proper about those workout routines, and come up with some recommendation on what you’ll do to resolve those issues.


Lifting weights is one of the simplest ways to extend muscle activation. This generally ends up in more potent, extra outlined muscle tissues and larger energy output total. Lifting weights additionally will increase your metabolism as your physique calls for extra power even whilst at relaxation. This implies you burn extra energy all through your day than you possibly can when you didn’t exercise with weights.


ABSOLUTELY. You’re clearly exercising with a purpose in thoughts. Whether or not that purpose is to drop extra pounds, really feel fitter, acquire muscle, and so on – correctly appearing workout routines is the fastest strategy to get there.

Much more importantly – appearing your workout routines with right kind shape will mean you can to keep away from damage. This implies much less ache, much less restriction, and no more time without work from exercising and doing different issues that you simply love.

I inform sufferers in my medical institution always – I’m extra involved concerning the high quality of your reps than I’m about how a lot weight you’re lifting. If it’s too tough to accomplish and workout at a given weight with excellent shape then you wish to have to lower the load/resistance.


When you’re having a look to tone and sculpt lean, lengthy muscle tissues, one of the simplest ways to do it’s via appearing extra reps in fewer units. three units of 10-12 reps is a great quantity to shoot for. When you’re having a look to extend muscle groups and placed on some bulk, you will have to shoot for heavier weights, fewer reps, and extra units. Four-Five units of 6-Eight is a great quantity to shoot for.

***Now in terms of weight-lifting, the 2 most-common errors I see within the fitness center are:***

1. NO ACTIVE CONTRACTION AGAINST RESISTANCE – this can be a traditional mistake I see with dumbbell workout routines. Gravity is at all times going to paintings immediately down, it doesn’t matter what. When understanding with dumbbells, your resistance will at all times be immediately up and down. You’ll be able to’t carry out a resisted lateral movement with dumbbells and be expecting to extend muscle activation.

2. NOT UTILIZING FULL RANGE OF MOTION – part reps make part positive aspects. When you’re no longer taking the muscle from a fully-lengthened place to a fully-contracted place you’re promoting your self quick. You’ll burn most energy and acquire most energy whilst you get started exercising thru your muscle tissues’ complete vary of movement. That is true for upper-body in addition to lower-body workout routines.


For example those issues, listed below are the 3 workout routines I see within the fitness center most-commonly carried out with dangerous shape. Those are all higher physique dumbbell workout routines; I’ll reveal what’s mistaken about them and why after which display you what you’ll do to mend them!

Status Dumbbell Exterior Rotation


I usally see this one carried out keeping a couple of dumbbells, elbows bent to 90 levels, after which rotating the dumbbells away out of your physique again in the back of you. Folks carry out this as a shoulder workout. The item is – gravity is pushing the ones dumbbells immediately down. There’s in reality no resistance to the rotation movement, and it turns into an isometric biceps contraction with some shoulder motion.


Seize some bands or a cable and carry out the similar movement. Now the resistance is horizontal as a substitute of vertical and the power output may also be maximized.how to do resistance band shoulder external rotation


Dumbbell Biceps Curls


Essentially the most-common drawback with the status biceps curl is other people don’t make the most of their complete vary of movement. Even on the backside of the curl they maintain their elbows bent somewhat after which curl the load as much as their chest/shoulder. This turns into a static biceps contraction with numerous shoulder activation the place the purpose is to maximise the biceps contraction.


You’ll want to take your elbow the entire means into complete extension (the entire means out immediately) on the backside of the biceps curl. I even inspire other people to contract your triceps (the muscle at the again of your arm) on the backside of your curl as a way to maximize your biceps movement and power output.

how to do a dumbbell biceps curl

Dumbbell Cranium Crusher


The issue I see with this one is that on the most sensible of the contraction the load is immediately as much as the ceiling and without delay over the shoulder joint. With the load over your elbows over your shoulders gravity is pushing immediately down throughout the palms and into the shoulders. There’s little or no muscle activation on this place as the load of the workout routines is loaded throughout the bones of the palms.


Attempt to stay your elbows “upper” – up in opposition to your eyes. On the most sensible of the contraction, stay the load without delay excessive of your head, indirectly over your shoulder. This will likely be sure that your muscle by no means relaxes and that the contraction is maximized all the way through all of the workout.

dumbbell skull crusher exercise


On the lookout for a couple of exercises to absolute best your newly-acquired wisdom? I’ve were given you lined!

Those are 6 of my favourite higher physique exercises you’ll do with only a pair of dumbbells…

21’s At-House Arm Exercise

How To Get Rid Of Arm Flab Exercise

Arm-Firming Exercise With Dumbbells

Wonderful Shoulder Exercise With Weights

10-Minute Tank Most sensible Hands Exercise

Arm Pyramid Exercise


When you’re having a look to shop for a collection of dumbbells for your house exercises, I generally suggest considered one of two units to other people.

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set of dumbbells for at home workouts

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best dumbbell set for home workouts


As at all times, when you’ve got any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to succeed in out and let me know!

Make it occur,





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