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12 Minute Standing Abs Workout with Weights

Tone and tighten your abdomen very quickly with this superior status abs exercise. Whole core strengthening in most effective 12 mins and also you by no means need to get at the flooring. Amateur in addition to complex ab workout routines demonstrated – snatch your dumbbell and let’s get to paintings.
12 Minute Standing Abs Workout on Tone-and-Tighten.com

12-Minute Status Abs Exercise

  • Status dumbbell crunch
  • Rotating dumbbell crunch
  • Rotating curtsy lunge
  • Status indirect facet bend
  • Plie squat and twist
  • Curtsy overhead bends
  • Picket chops
  • Plie facet bend crunch

Stay studying under for video, footage, and outlines of each and every of those workout routines.

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Searching for an effective way to accentuate your ab exercises and take your core to the following degree? There are two sure-fire techniques to do it…

Check out some new workout routines and upload weight!

All-too-often we expect “ab exercises” want to entail 1,000,000 take a seat u.s.a.and crunches to yield toned and are compatible effects. No longer true!

I beg shoppers and sufferers always to rise up off the ground and check out one thing new. It’s if truth be told a extra useful method to teach your core, may also be more straightforward for your again and neck, and yield superb effects.

These days I’m sharing with you 8 of my favourite status abs workout routines compiled in a single superior core exercise you’ll do proper from domestic.

All you want for this exercise is one dumbbell (or any form of resistance – even a large water bottle would do!) and you’ll be feeling this very quickly!

No weights at domestic or weights too tough? No downside – do exactly it with out the burden. I’ve were given novice in addition to complex variations of each and every workout demonstrated within the video under.

Bonus: NO CRUNCHES REQUIRED! You’ll be status all of the exercise!


Prior to we get began, let me installed a plug for why this core exercise is simpler than others you could have attempted.

Our core is able to motion in Three planes of movement. We will bend ahead and backward, we will be able to bend side-to-side, and we will be able to rotate.

You have got muscle tissue that transfer your backbone and core thru each and every this type of motions and it’s an important that, as a way to maximize your results, you carry out workout routines in each and every aircraft of motion.

Additionally – your core is most certainly more potent than you suppose. If you happen to’ve been appearing units of 20-30 sit-u.s.and crunches it’s most certainly time so as to add just a little extra resistance and take your rep quantity down.

This exercise goes to do all of that! We’ll be appearing status workout routines with weights which can be going to bend and transfer your core thru all of the motions it’s able to.


A wholesome, healthy diet blended with common cardio and resisted coaching exercises are key to firming and tightening your abs. You wish to have to paintings in all planes of movement to focus on each and every of your belly muscle tissue in my view. Including resistance (together with dumbbells, cables, bands, and so on) is an effective way to make stronger your muscle contractions and notice nice effects even quicker.


The article I really like about this exercise is that it’s “useful core strengthening.”

What I imply is that outdoor of figuring out, we hardly ever carry out a sit-up or crunch. Perhaps when you’re getting up after mendacity down you can “sit-up” to take action, however instead of that we don’t actually do them a lot.

Useful core energy comes to bending, twisting, squatting, and rotating towards resistance whilst upright. The ones motions are a lot more sensible, a lot more useful, and far more true to what “actual lifestyles” includes.

You’re going to like this status abs exercise with weights!

Apparatus wanted: one dumbbell (1-Three kilos novice, Three-Eight kilos intermediate, Eight+ kilos complex)

Don’t have a collection of dumbbells? You’ll love those! Those CAP neoprene barbells are a will have to for any domestic fitness center:

Apply in conjunction with this complete status abs video exercise! Simply hit play at the video under and get able to shred your midsection:

For this exercise, we’ll carry out Eight workout routines in 50/10 durations. That implies you’ll do 50 seconds of labor adopted by means of 10 seconds of an lively relaxation/restoration. Those workout routines are ordered in this kind of manner that we’re going to paintings all of our core muscle tissue thru all their planes of movement, and we’re going to do it continuous.
So snatch your timer, and let’s get to paintings!
1. Status dumbbell crunch50 seconds on, 10 seconds off
dumbbell crunch standing abs exercise
  • Stand maintaining your dumbbell in each arms over your head.
  • March your left knee as much as hip degree whilst crunching your elbows down in opposition to your knee.
  • Go back to the beginning place after which repeat with the appropriate knee
2. Rotating dumbbell crunch50 seconds on, 10 seconds off
Rotating dumbbell crunch standing abs exercise
  • Stand maintaining your dumbbell in each arms over your head
  • March your left knee as much as hip degree and angled in opposition to your proper shoulder.
  • Crunch your elbows down at an perspective so your proper elbow is going for your left knee.
  • Go back to the beginning place after which repeat with the appropriate knee
Three. Rotating curtsy lunge50 seconds on, 10 seconds off (1 minute proper, 1 minute left)
  • Cling the burden out directly in entrance of you.
  • Carry out a curtsy lunge by means of losing your proper foot again at the back of you and to the outdoor of your left foot.
  • Rotate your torso/the dumbbell so far as you’ll to the left.
  • Go back to the upright beginning place.
four. Status indirect facet bend – 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off  (1 minute proper, 1 minute left)
standing oblique side bend ab exercise
  • Cling the burden for your proper hand, position your left hand at the back of your head, and bend so far as you’ll to the appropriate.
  • Carry out an indirect crunch by means of elevating your proper shoulder as top as you’ll to the ceiling and bend over to the left.
  • BONUS – convey your left knee up in opposition to your left elbow whilst appearing the crunch.
five. Plie squat and twist – 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off
plie squat and twist standing abs exercise
  • Get started down in a plie squat together with your weight directly out in entrance of you.
  • Arise from your plie squat and rotate for your left.
  • Go back go into reverse into the plie squat and repeat to the appropriate.
6. Curtsy overhead bends – 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off (1 minute proper, 1 minute left)
curtsy overhead bend standing abs exercise
  • Stand upright with the burden over your head.
  • Drop right into a curtsy lunge for your left leg by means of losing your proper leg again at the back of you together with your proper foot outdoor of your left.
  • As you carry out the curtsy lunge facet bend to the left to lengthen your proper obliques up to conceivable.
7. Picket chops – 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off (1 minute proper, 1 minute left)
  • Get started with the dumbbell at your left knee.
  • With each arms elevate the dumbbell up and over your head to the appropriate.
  • Slowly go back to the beginning place.
Eight. Plie facet bend crunch – 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off
  • Drop right into a plie squat place with a dumbbell raised over your head.
  • Cling your plie as you sidebend up to conceivable to the left. Use the muscle tissue for your proper facet to tug your self again to upright.
  • Repeat by means of losing so far as conceivable to the appropriate.


THERE YOU GO! I am hoping you loved this straightforward, 12-minute abs exercise with weights!

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12 Minute Standing Abs Workout with Weights on Tone-and-Tighten.com


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